Harry Barrett - Marius Dietsche - Kris Bunnage - Michael Attewell

16 Oct 2020

Film and edit: Emerson Morgan | 4Down

Been eagerly awaiting this second part from the 4Down 'Postcode London' series - this time United's Marius Dietsche and Kris Bunnage join S&M riders Michael Attewell and Harry Barrett for a week of red brick and big smoke. Excellent riding, spot candy, body branding, nun chucks and a whole lot more.

"POSTCODE" is a three part series from 4DOWN featuring 3 crews venturing in to the city of London UK for a week long jaunt, each having a different postcode (zipcode) to venture out from.

Abbey road, probably one of the most well known roads in the world, played its part as our home for the week. Kris Bunnage (United), Harry Barrett (S&M), Michael 'Bonedeath' Attewell (S&M) and fresh from overseas Marius Dietsche (United), created the crew for the second instalment of the postcode series. Nun chucks, night rides and more Tesco meal deals than you could ever imagine, the crew, with a very different mixture of styles came through, put their marks down, and had a good time!" - 4Down

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