14 Year Old BMX Prodigy

29 Aug 2021

Video by Fernando Laczko

The next generation is safe with Shadow / Subrosa rider Saul Vilar representing. Only just turning 14, Saul has some unreal talent on a bike, and is thirsty for more good times on two wheels. Here's some words from Fernando Laczko:

"Back in April I moved up to Vigo (Galicia) for an Internship. With 14 years old Saúl being the main local rider in town I thought I’d bring my Camera with me so we can film some clips and make a video including street riding, since I saw that lately he is getting pretty good at it. I feel like only in the first two weeks, I’ve used that camera more than in the past four years.

It was the first time for him filming for a long term project which included going back to spots, trying clips for hours, having an injury and being out for a month, etc. Almost every day after school we would meet up to pedal around looking for spots. Then there was his dad who is such a cool guy. He would drive us around to the spots that are further away and take care of us while we’re riding, kinda like the manager of the crew.

While filming, I would always forget that he just turned 14 since he deals with fear, crashes and stuff better than many older dudes, haha. He had already stacked some heavy stuff around Vigo but shit escalated when we took a trip to León (4hours away) and he started throwing clips that we weren’t even thinking about!

I feel like he really enjoyed working on this and everyone around enjoyed watching the process. I hope that this video shows it." - Fernando Laczko