Fresh footage from the King Of France

27 Aug 2021

Directed by Alexandre Valentino | Music: Ultraviolette - Ring

Vans' man of many talents, Matthias Dandois has been working on this one with Alex Valentino and it turned out so good. Seamless links, effortless flow and ground breaking flatland tricks. Sit back and enjoy fresh footage from the Frenchman and then find out how this movie actor and recently crowned (9th time) flatland World Champion juggles his multiple creative outlets in juggles his multiple creative outlets in his Centre Stage interview.

"Matthias has just become the World Champion for the 9th time in flatland but he wanted to push the genre even further under the lens of Alex Valentino. Creating an offering where he pushes the limits of flatland with inspired lines in a genuinely aesthetic, artistic and accessible manner. The result is something the wider public can enjoy even if they don’t understand flatland." -