The Halahans X Profile - STACKING MOMENTUM

"These kids are doing it right!"

4 Oct 2019

In conjunction with our Official DIG Partners:

We've been big fans of these kids for years now and it's a pleasure to see them continuing to grow with such a pure un-cluttered BMX style that their mentors would be more than proud of. Living proof that not all younger BMX kids can only be motivated by that slippery flip-whippery contest driven 'dream'. Here's what they had to say about this one...

"We call it 9 Acres. We moved out of the city to this property in 2013. Our parents searched homes for a while. They would go inside with the realtor and we would sneak off into the woods digging holes looking for clay, dreaming of what we could create to ride in our own backyard.

Things started small, just like we were six years ago. Our first real jump took us about 8 weeks to build and that was with our dad helping. Since then the jumps have grown along with us. Now the local dudes come to session. Some of the Aussies and Euro dudes too when they are in town for PA trails season. Its really opening up. We’ve had more momentum each year and there's no plans of slowing down." - The Halahans

Stacking Momentum

Lukas Halahan 16yo

Nathan Halahan 15yo

Shane Halahan 10yo

Pittsburgh, PA