The Halahan Bros 'Under Your Influence' Ep.2

A Day With Steve Crandall

16 Mar 2018

Film and Edit: Geo Jenkins | Video Audio: Christopher Leiter

The Halahan Brothers. Lukas (15), Nathan (13), and Shane (8) got every kid's dream opportunity - to ride with their favorite pros. Only these pros weren't the ones you'd expect. When asked who they'd be most stoked to ride with, first up came the name Garrett Byrnes, followed closely by this guy, Mr FBM -  Steve Crandall; both of whom are older than the age of the three boys combined.

Episode Two: Steve Crandall

High fives and good times in Richmond, VA with FBM legend, Steve Crandall. The Bros' Mission? To squeeze in as much fun as they can in to twenty-four hours - and with two DIY concrete spots and Steve’s own trail’s, that wasn't difficult. A bit of spray painting t-shirts, a BBQ, and a fire at the FBM bus properly brought the day to a close.

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