The Halahan Bros 'Under Your Influence' Ep.1

A Weekend With Garrett Byrnes

9 Mar 2018

Film and Edit: Geo Jenkins | Video Audio: Christopher Smith

The Halahan Brothers. Lukas (15), Nathan (13), and Shane (8) got every kid's dream opportunity - to ride with their favorite pros. Only these pros weren't the ones you'd expect. When asked who they'd be most stoked to ride with, first up came the name Garrett Byrnes, someone who's age is more than these three combined, and no doubt would have been the choice of most of the DIG family. Follow along as the boys head to New Jersey and New York City and get to sample some of the lifestyle that has carved out Garrett’s persona. They meet up and ride with the man himself, taking in city streets to skateparks, DIY ramps, trails, and more of Garrett’s favorite spots. Trey Jones said it right at Swamp Fest - if you think BMX sucks nowadays, just look at these three dudes.

Keep your eyes peeled for episode two soon...

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