Garrett Byrnes 'Coming Down' Official Trailer

A New DIG BMX Documentary Coming Soon!

16 Feb 2017

'Coming Down' is a DIG BMX Production Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson

We've been working on this one for well over a year now and we're stoked to finally drop the official trailer for 'Coming Down', our DIG Garrett Byrnes documentary. 

Garrett is one of those guys who we have long considered to be a true BMX legend and someone whose inspiration continues to operate at a different level than what is perceived as the norm. In fact, riders like Garrett and his ilk are the motivational backbone of our near 25 year existence as a BMX media outlet. This film is simply our way of showing respect for that inspiration and continued motivation.

Look for the full film soon exclusively here on and even more in our #diglegends series to follow.

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