Sections - Episode 1 - Chad Kerley

Get the full scoop on Chad's upcoming Cinema part

12 Sep 2015

A DIG Production Interview by Andrew White / Devin Feil Cut by Fraser Byrne

You may already be aware after we dropped the news yesterday, but the long-awaited Cinema DVD will now be switching it's release format up a bit with each section now becoming available to watch online over the rest of the year. We'll be starting things off by premiering Chad Kerley's section which i'm sure we don't need to tell you is absolute dynamite. To get you ready we met up with Chad in San Diego to find out some more about what it takes to to film a full video section, along with some B-roll footage that didn't make the cut. Look out for more from our new DIG 'Sections' series soon...

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29 Jul 2015