So, what is happening with the Cinema Video?

From the man behind it all: Will Stroud

10 Sep 2015

Corey Uprail Can Will AW

Will and Corey Martinez filming in Atlanta. Nov 2012.

Interview and photos by Andrew White Chad Kerley photos by Brandon Means

DVDs are a major production. Between scheduling logistics, injuries, sponsor changes, and footage dating faster than Tinder these days, it's pretty ambitious to capture a top-tier team of riders in a single video. Cinema decided to do this over four years ago, and now we are going to begin being treated to the final product.

Originally slated as a traditional physical DVD release, Cinema has decided now to release the parts individually online over the course of the year, with a DVD at the end. The first part, being released exclusively through DIG, is Chad Kerley.

We interviewed Will Stroud, the TM/Filmer for Cinema for our Video issue a couple years back. Since things change constantly we decided to catch up with Will and get you all up to speed with the DVD.

CINEMA Vegas Riding 16

Chad Kerley firing out the type of technical link he's known so well for during Cinema's 2014 visit to Sin City.


Will between clips on a 2015 trip.

willstroud digbmx aw

Filming Tony Neyer in Portland back in 2012 during the Cinema x Etnies trip covered in issue 91.

Why is the Cinema DVD being released like this?

We decided some of the footage is getting old and our goal is for as many people to see the video as possible. So why not give it away for free online then have a DVD compilation with all the parts when it's done for the hard copy collectors.

What was producing/filming like over the last couple years?

Filming trips over the past few years have been fun. I wish we could do more team trips but our team has so many other sponsor obligations and filming projects and I've never wanted to stress our team out with demanding too much. We've just been going on trips as our schedules line up and saving clips along the way for these Cinema parts that will be dropping online over the next 8 - 9 months.

Any difficulties? Things that went smoothly?

Everything has gone pretty smoothly for the most part. No crazy injuries or major law enforcement issues while filming this project which is always a major plus.

Any standout memories/clips/riders?

No specific standout moments other than just having good times everyday on the road with the Cinema crew while making these videos.

Why pick Chad as the first release?

CK and I were talking recently and he made a strong push for wanting to put his part out online since the DVD project is taking longer than we all hoped to complete. So it's easier to focus on individual parts and give dudes more time to film new stuff if they want to.

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CINEMA Vegas Riding 24

Chad handling more business with the generator and lights out. Feeble to crank arm up in Vegas.

CINEMA Vegas Riding 27

If you make it to Vegas this is a must-visit spot. Chad getting up there at a DIY that's seen it's fair share of sessions.

Nathan Hard3 WillDrew AW

Will came to Nashville to film for the DVD while DIG was shooting a feature interview/cover. Nathan crossed so many hammers off the list that week, including this hard three.

Chad Kerley's section is part one of the Cinema Video and that will drop exclusively right here on DIG - Monday September 14th 2015. You have been warned...

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