Sergio Layos riding the new Skatehalle Innsbruck

Sergio is given a tour the proceeds to shred this brand new park

29 Oct 2019

Filmed & edited by Philip Kölsch

This popped up in the submissions box today and turned out to be a rad little surprise. Watch on as Sergio Layos is given a tour of the new Skaethalle in Innsbruck, Austria then proceeds to shut the place down. Nice biopic this with some classic riding from Sergio we've all come to love!

"After almost 9 years the Skatehalle Innsbruck, in Austria, got a "facelifting" by Schneestern, who also built many other Parks all over Europe and have also designed the Bowl in Waiblingen, that hosted 2019's Vans Pro Cup. Right after the indoor park was finished, Schneestern's lifetime BMXer Gregor Podlesny took Sergio on a tour through the new setup on a night/morning session. And who's better to test a new park, especially if theres a concrete bowl involved, than the style legend himself?" - Philip Kölsch

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