Welcome to the Vans Family: Sergio Layos

A Taste Of Things To Come

18 May 2016

Filmed and edited by Alex "Mayol“ Baret

Sergio Layos and Vans have came together in a beautiful union recently and now it's official. Here's a quick taste of what to expect from his upcoming welcome video.

"Im beyond happy to be part of the VANS family now. I say "family“ for a reason because from Steve van Doren to everyone working at VANS, they truly seem a family and thats what I like. I´ve always been really close to the team, with some of them even being best friends of mine. I´ve shared great moments with VANS and look forward to many more in the future therefore Im massively stoked to be of this team." - Sergio Layos

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14 Mar 2015