Surfing With Sergio - DIG X FLY BIKES

Carving those concrete waves at maybe the best spot ever...

20 Jun 2015

Filmed and edited by Antoine Sabourin Photo by Vince Perraud

"I was right after a BSD trip with Luc Legrand that I met up with Vince Perraud and Sergio Layos on the big transitions of the Ocean Museum in Biarritz (aka The Surf Museum). This spot, between the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean is both beautiful and scary; the ground is like a rough pavement and you need to pedal like a madman to catch any air at all. I had already seen Max Bonfil and Alex Valentino doing some high airs on this but i have to say that Sergio was pretty unbelievable…" - Antoine Sabourin

Flybikes In Malta

14 Mar 2015