'SOUVENIR' - Southern Arizona BMX

A Full-Length from Dalton Voss and friends

12 Aug 2020

Filmed and edited by Dalton Voss

Originally filming for some fun youtube content, things progressed and suddenly Dalton Voss and friends realised they were in the midst of filming a full-length. We're glad because there's a lot of awesome stuff in there. Shot over two to three years in Arizona, with one trip to California for good measure. Love seeing young dudes putting in effort for years on one project.

"It has gone through many phases and name changes, but I stuck with Souvenir because this video holds so many memories me and all the boys had riding and filming together." - Dalton Voss

Rider list in order of appearance:

Tyler Valino (@tyler_valino)

Mario Garcia (@marianogarcia__)

Adrian Brothers (@adrianbrothers__)

Steven Hammond (@scuba_steeze)

Dalton Voss (@dalton.voss)

Lawson Murphy (@lawcpoo)

Michael Harvey (@michael__harvey)

Jacob Harward (@thenewjacobharward)

jake Blais (@_jakeblais)

Hunter Guidubaldi (@ohyeaokthen)

Terrence Moore (@thatyungt)

Trevor Luglan (@trevor_luglan)

Chance Davis (@thetrippy_hippie)

James McDonald (@jamesh_mcdonald)

Corbin Hatton (@corbinhatton)

Jaord Peck (@jarod_peck)

Zhean Lafitte (@zheanpierrelafitte)

John Sands (@cookieballs)


3 Aug 2020

GT in AZ

19 Jun 2019