Covid Strikes Again

11 Aug 2020

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Sadly this years Battle of Hastings is the latest in a long line of major BMX events that has had to be cancelled. The only good news is that this means the 2021 event will be more anticipated that ever. Here's what the guys at the SOURCE had to say...

"2020 has been a tough year and seen most BMX contests cancelled. In July we announced that Battle Of Hastings would go ahead as an elite European rider only event behind closed doors and a focus on live streams shows. When making this decision we always had In mind that travel Covid-19 restrictions may tighten at any time and we may have to adapt but predicted and hoped that this would not be the case. Sadly it is not as many European countries and UK cities are currently locking down which would mean many riders, sponsors, key staff and more are unable to attend and make the event all that we want it to be. We take the health and safety of our riders, staff, sponsors and the general public with the utmost importance so this has lead to us cancelling Battle Of Hastings 2020. Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters for standing by us this year and we look forward to next year when Battle Of Hastings will fall on the weekend on September 9th-12th 2021 and return to celebrate BMX at the fullest." - SOURCE BMX