Standard In St. Louis

Bit of street and a bit of mischief

7 Oct 2016

Filmed by Zack Gerber, Billy Woodfin, and Ryan Howard

Chase Pauza, Matt Lough, and Zack Gerber crashed with Billy Woodfin for 10 days in St. Louis, where they sessioned an abundance of really fun looking spots around the city, and got into a bit of mischief too!

Be sure you check out Standard Does Denver which premiered on DIG this summer.

"Chase Pauza, Matt Lough, and Zack Gerber made their way to St. Louis on a BMX excursion. Billy Woodfin served as their tour guide, team manager, and landlord for their 10 day stay in STL. From the street debauchery to the occasional trick riding; here are what our boys managed to get themselves into. Check it out!" - Standard