Substance At Home

Eight Months In The Making

13 Oct 2016

Filmed by Luc Lynch-Rice, Simon Gibb and Jonny Ashworth / Edited by Luc Lynch-Rice and Lee/Ugly People

It's been a year now since the release of the 'We Are Substance' video and it's crazy to see the progression of Glasgow UK's Substance store and it's crew. This new project, 'Substance At Home' has been in the works for eight months now, and between clashing commitments with filmers, leg haematomas, eagle eyed parking wardens, and some good and bad security wallopers, it's been a rough ride but i'm sure you'll agree the final outcome is a winner. Some unbelievable clips from the likes of Greg Layden, Joe Jarvis, Craig Sime and more - these dudes just keep getting better and better! It always astonishes me as to how much influence a BMX shop can have on it's local scene and Substance only reinforces that way of thinking. Don't sleep on these young'uns - they're the next generation. 

"All this wouldn't have been possible without a huge help from Luc Lynch-Rice who helped to film the edit and went on to save the day and edit it with help from Lee from Ugly People." -Si Gibb / Substance BMX