Sunday - Chapped Clips

Livin' that Vegas life before shit hit the fan...

11 May 2020

Filmed and Edited by Zach Krejmas.

Just prior to the Coronavirus pandemic gripping almost the whole planet, Sunday took a team trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in the beginning of March for 10 days.

This was possibly the last company BMX team trip to happen since then. While news that SXSW had been cancelled arrived during the trip, and many more events soon to follow, Vegas was still business as usual at that point.

We were fortunate enough to tag along with the crew of Gary Young, Erik Elstran, Alec Siemon, Aaron Ross, Brett Silva, Jared Duncan, Julian Artega, Jake Seeley, Broc Raiford, Justin Schual, and the man keeping it all running like clockwork, Zach Krejmas. With a group like this, and all the delectable offerings Vegas provided, the results were awesome. Peep 35 snaps from the trip HERE, and keep an eye out for an "In The Cut" video too.