The Daily Grind DVD - “Totally Stoked to the Max About It”

In All Its Glory

24 Feb 2016

Filmed and edited by Josh Foisey

You would have seen these sections uploaded individually but if you haven't already then you're in luck today. Behold, the full Daily Grind "Totally Stoked To The Max About It" in its entirety. Featuring Chris D'Aiello, Dan Mcmahon, Frank Walmsley, Nick Prete, Sam Jones, Joe Lussierand and Chuck Goldy.

When offered his dream job of East Coast Sales Rep for Kink BMX, Chuck had to make the difficult decision to close the doors at 74 Main st in Danielson, CT after an amazing 13 year run. Chuck gave everything to his shop and community and has had an ever lasting impact on the Quiet Corner.While most would mourn the closing of their local shop, Chuck wasn't going to leave without one last party. So on New Years Eve we got 13 years worth of friends and family together and went out with a bang. Daily Grind forever. - Josh Foisey