The 'Shop?' Video - Billy Cooper

Big Bill Time

13 Jun 2019

Filmed by Mike Morgan / Edited by Rich and Alic Thorogood

Billy Cooper is up next in the Shop? video upload. This dude has been at it forever and is a rock in the London scene. Killing it as usual, jumping off your grandad's garage roof. Shouts again to the Shop? boys for keeping the sections coming. 

"The 'Shop?' video started coming into existence around 2015, when Mike Morgan bought a VX1000 that had been through the hands of several London riders. The idea for the video was pretty similar to most others- to document our travels, the riding, and the highs and lows that come with it. Over the 3 years of the project we went on numerous trips to Spain, the Netherlands, and France amongst others, with countless weekend trips to different towns and cities at home in England. Now, despite how stoked we all are with how this all turned out, this ain't no ground breaking cinematic masterpiece by any means. Some of the camerawork (use the term loosely) is outright atrocious, and some of the riding may be questionable to some people- but none of that matters to any of us, because, despite the ups and downs, we all had a fuckin great time bringing this into fruition- and that's what matters. Large up the whole crew and a huge thanks to Unknown Parasites for bootlegging them hard copies! Keep ya eyes open for the next video that'll be out soon..." - Richard Thorogood

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