Full Video - Ukraine BMX

22 Apr 2021

Filmed by Mirra Komar.

The Urodi crew are back again with another wild vid. Their latest video, “Reincarnation” (not to be confused with the Ride US video of the same name from 2003) is 42 minutes of debauchery you’ve come to expect from these Kharkiv, Ukraine natives. And new clips of the enigma that is Anton Kutafin; can’t go wrong with that.

"We're sharing our new video 'Urodi Reincarnation'. This time we decided to move away from the usual format and used Sony vx2100 for filming. Initially we weren’t aiming for a full video, but after a couple years of unhurried filming enough material had accumulated and we decided to push things forward. This video was filmed from 2018 to 2021. For us it’s a 'weekend video', many riders don’t have an opportunity to ride as often as before, because of daily job and family responsibilities. Also, there is fresh blood in our crew, young riders that are a part of 'Reincarnation'. Overall energy of the video is a joy of spending time on a bike with your homies. Enjoy the screening and thank you for your attention!" -Anton Maslov

Riders: Yura Reznikov, Eduard Kirichenko, Mirra Komar, Burmakovsky Evgeny, Gordienko Kirill, Kirill Korolyov, Ehor Anisimov, Ihor Andreev, Anton Maslov, Anoshin Aleksandr, Arthur Kholodchenko, Nikita Stroganov, Danil Shreds, Masha Mom, Vlad Nikitin, Pasha Sitko, Parvadov Aleksandr, Joiner Dennis, Maksym Maslenikov, Slava Levchuk, Zinat Nazipov, Oleh Mitsnyak, Ilya Banchukov, Maxim Cherenkov, Gleb Dryamov, Arthur Orlov, Igor Doljikov, Sokol Bohdan, Gleb Dobroskok, Aleksey Grigorenko, Anton Litvin, Mark Bakay, Viktor Kovalenko, Anton Kutafin


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