Verde - Mark Martinez - New Young Gun

Gun is right, this kid just popped off

13 Oct 2015

Video by Verde

Mark Martinez is definitely a gun cause he just popped off, big drops with either a bar, tuck no or three, tossed in with with some really tech grinds to bar... this kid is a machine but my words won't do him the same justice.

"Mark Martinez might come off as quiet at first but you would quickly find out that he's louder than ever. Obviously like most people once you get to know them you get to see how they handle them selves when in different situation. I was hurt when I first met him so I only got to hang back and watch him and his homies come down from AZ and kick it with the squad. I was blown away by how good he was at riding and just all and all seemed super genuine and perfect for the Verde squad. Like I said riding was he's louder than words and down for the get down. Hyped on what Mark's going to bring to the table. YoungGunz" — Tony Neyer

Talk about a co-sign...