Video Vault: Courage Adams Welcome To Fly Bikes

Courage added to the family with good reason.

12 Apr 2015

Filmed and edited by Hugo Almeida

Fly Bikes added Courage Adams to the family a few months back and with good reason. We typically highlight videos deeper in the archives for our Video Vault posts, but Courage's fantastic welcome to Fly video went up before the relaunch, and I felt it deserved to be seen by our viewers. Enjoy!

"Every once in a while, a rider comes along that's just able to pick up tricks and overall bike skills quicker, with a better level of control than most, with an evident talent and rate of progression that's telling of his future. Spain's Courage Adams name may be new to some, but a lot of you already know his pure drive and enjoyment of riding. We guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of this kid in the near future.

Courage has been a part of Fly's extended crew for a while, but we'd like to officially welcome Courage to the Flybikes Family. This is very well deserved. Congrat's brother!!" - Fly Bikes

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14 Mar 2015