VIDEO VAULT: Demolition Parts - Drew Hosselton AZ Video

Creative Technician

26 Sep 2015

Filmed and edited by Gregory Moliterno

Drew uses every part of his bike so well but with the spots Drew chooses to ride he sometimes has to go even further and use his own body parts to turn something that isn't much into an amazing spectacle. This was Drew's last video before his "The Finer Things" section and is a testament to creative street riding. Whenever I see a video of Drew it always also seems to be impeccably filmed and edited. We've seen the 4:3 HD filming on a dslr but it comes out with an incredibly distorted fish and the long shots are just a waste of time but Gregory Moliterno using his AC160 has prodcued arguably the crispiest and best 4:3 web quality with a song that compliments the filming and riding so well this "Edit" is a sure classic.