Work In Progress - Bob Manchester

Those jumps ain't gonna dig themselves!

19 May 2015

Filmed and edited by Mike King

Mike King caught up with Hoffman's Bob Manchester as he prepares his massive backyard trails for the summer and they even catch a session down at Adrenaline Alley to wrap things up.

"Supercars? Face tattoos? Luxury apartments? Champagne? You won't find them here - this is about the slightly less glorified side of the BMX dream. Ride along with Hoffman, Crucial BMX Shop and Stay Strong's steezy wildcat Bob Manchester as he prepares his backyard jumps for another big contest in the summer after months of neglect and a harsh winter. Bob analyses the daunting work that is to be done in order to see the place that gave his riding the biggest boost, come back to life for another Jam. But it's not all swinging shovels, with Corby's Adrenaline Alley only an hour away, we thought we'd see how he survives without the jumps. This series is proudly supported by Hoffman Bikes, Crucial BMX and Stay Strong Clothing." -Epic