A Video Contest For 'Older' Riders

The Ride On Video Comp Winners 2021

1 Sep 2021

Ride On Screen

Supported by etnies | For more info: rideon-bmx.com

As you may (or may not) know Ride On (named after the most legendary of BMX videos and not to be confused with the Greek BMX store of the same name) is specifically aimed at creating a worldwide community for riders over 30 who still want to get out there and shred.

Having started as a Facebook group they have since expanded to a websiteand currently have nearly 7.5K members with their core membership in the mid 40's age bracket from from all corners of the globe.

They recently ran a video comp for members to submit a 60 second edit of them shredding with as much variety as possible and the response was way beyond what was expected with edits being submitted by riders ranging from 32 to 53 years of age!

The comp was split into 3 age brackets so here's a look at the winners of each group.

Over 30s Expert was won by the UKs Dan Shearer.

Over 40s Expert was won by the 49 year old French rider Stef Meneau.

And Over 50s Expert was won by the USA’s Brett Downs - one of the original Plywood Hoods.

"We were stoked to be able to showcase the older riding scene like this and shine some light on the OGs still out there killing it on a bike!" - Neill Waddington rideon-bmx.com