Antoine Faillard and his WETHEPEOPLE X ÉCLAT Setup

Doing it for Traffic BMX France

16 Sep 2021

Antoine  Fillard Traffic Bmx Main


French street rider and Traffic fam Antoine Faillard slide together a fresh Wethepeople Doomsayer decked out with Éclat parts recently. We thought it would be a good time to find out more about Antoine, take a closer look at that setup, and get the lowdown on those new Carbonic rims!

Where do you live Antoine and how is the BMX scene where you are?

I live in Aix en Provence in the south of France. Its a small city and the centre really isn't that good for riding It's best to go to Marseille, it’s 15 minutes away theres ALL the spots and the beach!

The BMX scene over here is pretty big and also skateparks are popping up everywhere witch helps very much.

I'm a part of the NOFATECREW from Marseille, we have already put out a couple mixtapes along with Valentin Cotot, Mathieu Paillon, Jaouad West, the Dupoux brothers and others. There are also crews who are coming up too, with who we also ride like the WKND.

How long have you been riding already and what is your motivation behind it?

I started riding on and off from around 6 years old and only started riding seriously 3 years ago. My motivation is to overcome my fear and the challenges we set ourselves with my friends, and also I like to try to reach perfection when learning tricks.

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding last year and this year?

For me it didn’t really change anything - I tried to go outside and ride as much as possible to not lose my motivation and my endurance - I just really like being outside to ride my bike!

Who is your favourite rider to watch?

I’d say Felix Prangenberg, I love his style and the tricks he does are crazy. I also admire his determination witch you can feel in all of his videos!

If you could ride any spot in the world, where would it be?

I'd love to go ride in San Diego and Los Angeles, both for the spots and the BMX history they carry.

Any plans for the rest of 2021?

I would very much like to put out a video for Wethepeople, Eclat and also continue our ongoing projects with the NOFATECREW. I would also like to travel all around Europe with my bike.

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Favourite parts?

Without hesitation it would have to be the Eclat carbonic rims, They’re a big evolution in street BMX. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to ride them thanks to Traffic BMX.

Which parts last you the longest ?

I try and take care of my bike. If i had to choose it would be the Wethepeople frames, I recently switched to the new Jordan Godwin signature, Wethepeople and Eclat are always on top when it comes to parts!

Which parts do you wear out the quickest?

I use up grips and tires the most - pretty much all the consumable parts.

Do you do any modifications to your bike?

I only cut my bars to feel more at ease when riding.

Antoine  Fillard Traffic Bmx Ht Front
Antoine  Fillard Traffic Bmx St
Antoine  Fillard Traffic Bmx Carbo Wheel
Antoine  Fillard Traffic Bmx Centric

"The Eclat carbonic rims are my favourite part. They're a big evolution in street BMX."

Frame: Wethepeople DOOMSAYER 21’ ( translucent purple)

Fork: Eclat STORM 15mm (chrome)

Handlebars: Eclat CHOCOLATE 9.5 (chrome)

Grips: Eclat PULSAR (black)

Stem: Wethepeople PATROL (black)

Headset: Wethepeople COMPACT (black)

Cranks: Wethepeople LEGACY (black)

Sprocket: Wethepeople PATHFINDER 25T (black)

Pedals: Eclat CENTRIC (black)

BB: Eclat MID BB 22mm (black)

Chain: Wethepeople DEMAND (silver)

Front Hub: Wethepeople HELIX (silver)

Front Spokes: Eclat (black)

Front Rim: Eclat CARBONNIC (black)

Front Tire: Eclat CREATURE 2.40 (black)

Rear Hub: Wethepeople HELIX FC (black)

Rear Spokes: Eclat (black)

Rear Rim: Eclat CARONNIC (black)

Rear Tire: Eclat CREATURE 2.40 (black)

Rimtape: Eclat (black)

Pegs: Eclat VENOM 4.5 (black)

Seat: Eclat BIOSS (black)

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