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21 Sep 2017

Dan Kruk Steups Digbmx Wm 2

Words & Photos by : Wes McGrath

Dan Kruk is a Long Beach transplant from the Midwest and I'm amazed to see how his talent keeps growing at such a steady rate. Let's take a look into what makes this hard-360in', Chicago bar spinnin' madman tick and see what he has going on with his life and his current WeThePeople steed that has taken him all over the world.

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Give us a full breakdown of your current bike set up... 

Frame: 21" WeThePeople Konfetti

ForkWTP Switch Fork

Bar: WTP Stallis Bar 9.25"

GripsWTP Hilt XL

Stem: Madera Mast Party Paint


Front Wheel: G-Sport Nicolas cage to Madera Pilot

Rear Wheel: Madera Gulf freecoaster Rear

Hub Guards: C4 Guards

TiresWTP Stickin' 2.4

Seat PostWTP Pivotal

Seat: Madera Cruiser

Chain: Shadow Supreme

Cranks: Madera Bantam 22mm 165mm

Sprocket: Madera Signet 25t Mast Party Paint


PegsWTP Dill Pickles 4.5

Bar EndsWTP Stainless Partol

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Full Name: Dan Kruk

Age: 23

Hometown: West Allis, WI

Current Location: Long Beach, CA

Sponsors: WeThePeople, Madera, Danscomp, 4 seasons skatepark, Mpeg

Years Riding: 11

Tell us a bit about your initial introduction to California, the first time you arrived in California and what made you move to SoCal?

Well actually on my first ever trip to California I had my bike stolen the second day I was here. That unfortunate event kind of worked in my favor though, because only a few hours later I was added to the Stolen flow team and had a brand new setup.

What was the main incentive to make the move from the midwest to California?

My main incentive was to finish filming for my WTP FOUNDATION DVD part. I didn't have anyone to film with back home and that made it really hard for me to produce content. All I want to do is film and ride the best spots all year round, the Midwest isn't the place for that. I had a crazy feeling for months, I can only explain it by saying my body and mind were forcing me to make the move.

How long have you lived in California?

I have lived in California for a couple months shy of a year now!

What has the impact of the Cement Face house had on your career in California?

The Cement Face house has helped me out in a lot of ways. From staying there countless times on every trip I made to California, to spending my whole winter there, to actually making the big move out here and needing somewhere to live until I got a job and a different apartment. I can't thank them enough for all the good times and fun shenanigans that went down, all those dudes are homies for life.

"To be honest with you my bar angle came about because I wanted to be different." - Dan Kruk

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Dan Kruk Steups Digbmx Wm 10

How long have you been sponsored, what company first put you on and what year did that happen?

I've been officially sponsored for about 5 years now, starting with the Madera and Stolen Bike co. flow teams when I was 19 years old... So I'd say 2013 was the year.

When and with what company did you receive your first signature parts? 

In 2016 I received my first signature parts colorway from Madera, then shortly after a Colorway frame from Wethepeople as well. I now have my first full signature part dropping within a few months from Wethepeople in the form of Handlebars called "Stallis".

One of the biggest attributes of your style is your handle bar position, can you tell us at all why that specific setup has stuck with you for so long?

To be honest with you my bar angle came about because I wanted to be different. When I was riding for my previous sponsor, a friend of mine once asked me one simple question: "What are you doing that's different than everyone else?". That question really took me off guard and kind of haunted me for a few years. When I left Stolen and was approached by WTP I had a new bike sent to me and a fresh start. I decided I was going to set that bike up differently by pushing the bars little more forward than I normally would run. It felt great and over the past couple years they've become even more Chicago. You really have more control over your bike with them in that position and it doesn't feel like the lap bar on a roller coaster anymore. Once you go forward you never go back.

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What do you like the most about your signature frame?

Well it's not my signature frame I just have a colorway of it, but the specs are pretty much what I would choose for my own frame! Love the short back end, makes it insanely responsive!

Could you tell us about how you came to the decision to use confetti as your signature color?

I wanted to do a color no one had seen before, a color people would see from a distance and know right away it was a WTP. After the first couple ideas I had ended up being to expensive to produce, Dave Paterson found that Konfetti color in a sample paint book from the 90's. I knew right away that it would fit perfect with the graphics Eben Fischer had drawn up for the frame and I couldn't be happier!

Have you thought of adding confetti to any other color besides black?

I have thought about it, I wanted to do a raw clear coat with Konfetti but it never really worked out. I have a new battleship colorway coming out soon though!

As of right now do you have any new bike parts in the works that you can speak about?

My Signature WTP Stallis bars will be dropping in the next few months which I am beyond stoked about. Some quick specs on those are: 9.25 rise, 2.666 up, 11 back and a special sticker comes with!

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What are you up to currently, any new video projects in the works, team trips etc?

As I type this I am about 95% done filming for my Ridebmx Pro Part. We've been working on that one for a really long time now and I'm really anxious to get that one out! Theres talk of a Midwest trip with the WTP boys early next month and In November there will be a madera trip to Houston, I've never been to Texas so I am stoked!

How is the Long Beach lifestyle treating you? 

Long Beach is super chill, the parking is horrible especially since I get off work at like 10pm. It's sick that everyone here is from all over the country just because they love riding and hate the shitty seasons too.

Tell us a little about your current living situation? 

Well I currently live at the 666 penthouse in Long Beach with You (Wes McGrath) and Forrest Hawk. It's awesome and our apartment is massive which is great for the homies to stay at if they want! There are 3 or 4 other riders who live in the same complex which make for great times.

You’ve been traveling quite a lot this past year, can you tell us your favorite adventure thus far? 

The last year has been crazy, I went to two completely opposite countries and a few different states. The Estonia trip was my favorite for this year. It had always been a dream of mine just to get my damn mug shot taken with the simple session and Estonia logos in the background. I spent a week with so many riders from around the world just partying in the Baltic and riding the contest. It was the best trip I have been on for sure.

Any thank you's you'd like to acknowledge?

First off I'd like to thank DIG for this bike check! My sponsors WTP, DansComp and Madera. Shout out to everyone of my friends and family for all the love and support! 

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