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Print Is Dead. Long Live Print.

11 Jul 2016

Dig 99 5 Photos

A THIS IS OURS Publication

We're proud to announce the release of our first print publication since going back to our roots of independent publishing back in 2014. DIG Issue 99.5 is a 164 page high quality limited edition / large format book with unique and original content featuring a vision of modern day BMX culture as seen through the eyes of our DIG photographers from around the world. A huge thanks goes out to all of our contributors and partners who made this possible. Here's a brief look at what you can find in there...

• Whatever happened to Josh Heino?

• Bone Deth - Cop Lag Is Real 

• 747 Days - The Making of The BSD Transmission Video 

• Documenting 'etnies Chapters'  - 5 Photographers and their stories

• The Search For Japan's Long Lost Death Bowl. By George Marshall

* Long Game - The Aaron Ross Interview

• 10 Times BMX Failed 

• 10 Times BMX Won

• An Ode to Posh Woods by Rob Dolecki

• The Rise of the BMX "Yes" men.

• Rambling In The Pacific Northwest

• The Palmistry Guide  - Vans In Morocco

• Lucky Stars - Harry Mills Wakley

• Full Bleed  - Epic unseen Photography from Devin Feil, Andrew White, Wes McGrath, Rob Dolecki & Kevin Conners

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Our US and UK/EURO DIG webstores SOLD OUT within 48hrs but you might get lucky at your local Bike Shop. We'll have more back in stock by the end of August.

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