First Look: Hoffman Bikes Summer Drop

The new what next from HB

18 Jun 2015


Images courtesy of Hoffman Bikes

Despite what you might hear from the die-hard 80's old-schoolers the majority of BMX companies that have had the biggest influence and stood the the test of time were formed after 1990. We all know Mat's history but it's easy to forget that Hoffman bikes has been around since late 1991 and is a great example of a modern day brand that's been there, done that, and seen it all for almost 24 years. From oval tubing and early manufacturing deals with the likes of Kastan Engineering and SE Racing, to the production of long running classics such as the Condor, Bama frame and Low Drag bars, Hoffman's influence has always gone well beyond that of the one crazy guy on the team who listens to DC hardcore and likes to jump out of planes a lot.

Hoffman Bikes got a jump on summer and released a full look at their full range of complete bikes, frames, and parts slated to hit shops June 26th. From the entry level 18" Imprint and 20" Immersion to classic signature products from the likes of Seth Kimbrough, Ben Hennon, Kevin Jones, and Matt Hoffman the new line suits pretty much. Whether you are in the market for a quality first bike, or looking to update your ride with the returning vert classic LowDrag V4.3's, HB still have you covered.

It's funny how everything has come full-circle since this paragraph that Mat wrote for The Ride of My Life in 2002 re-calling the days leading up to the creation of Hoffman Bikes - "With the sport continuing its downward spiral, withering and shrinking, there were hardly any events or competitions left to attend. The thriving scene of the '80s was gone. But freestyle was far from dead -it was just underground. From my perspective, I didn't really have a choice. I needed a bike, I needed contests, I needed a community. In short, I needed to get off my ass and make it happen. The companies that still made freestyle bikes didn't seem particularly committed to, or even interested in freestyle as a sport. They saw it as a number, and with the bike industry sales in decline, that number did not command much respect. In the past, I'd been offered a chance to have my own signature bike on Haro. I should have been stoked, but my 'question everything' mind-set was provoking me to do a lot of soulsearching. If I was going to put my name on a bike, I didn't want it to be at the mercy of bean counters."
HB 20B LadyLuck BLU

​Lady Luck Complete Bike

The Hoffman Bikes Ben Hennon signature frame Lady Luck was one of the best selling frames last year. What better way to complement the rider and the frame by offering it as a complete bike. The Lady Luck complete bike is the top of the line in the Hoffman Bikes Complete Bike line up. With a 4130 chromoly frame, fork and bars, it also sports a pro parts package. The Lady Luck is for any rider looking for the best complete bike.

Key Features

FRAME: 21″ Full Cromo w/removable brake mounts

FORK: Full Cromo w/ Taper legs

CRANKSET: 3pc Tubular Cromo, 175mm 48 spline

CHAIN: KMC HL710, Half Link

RIMS: Alloy double wall 36H w/anodized colors

TIRES: 20” x 2.2″

HANDLEBAR: HB Full cromo 8.75″

SADDLE: Hoffman Black Ops pivotal

HB 20B Bama RED

Bama Complete Bike

For more than 25 years, Seth has been constantly evolving to become a better rider. He has also proven this progression with his Hoffman Bikes signature Bama frame. This year, the Bama is now available as a complete bike. The Bama complete bike is built on a 4130 chromoly frame, bars and tapered chromoly legs. The Bama complete bike is built to withstand street abuse or any other style of riding you pursue.

Key Features

FRAME: 20.75″ Full Cromo w/removable brake mounts

FORK: Taper Cromo legs

CRANKSET: 3pc Tubular Cromo, 175mm 48 spline

BB: Mid Sealed Bearing

RIMS: Alloy double wall 36H

TIRES: 20” x 2.2″

FRONT HUBS: 36H Alloy, 3/8″ axle

REAR HUBS: 9T Cassette, 14MM axle, Fully Sealed

HANDLEBAR: HB Full cromo 8.75″

STEM: Top Loader, 50mm Ext.

GRIPS: Hoffman Raz w/plugs 150mm

SADDLE: Hoffman Conjoined

HB 20B Seeker GRY

Seeker Complete Bike

“Don’t seek to follow in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought” Matsuo

The Seeker complete bike is the next bike for that rider who is looking to take his riding skills to the next level. The Seeker is built on a hi-ten steel frame which features a parts package perfect for that next step up from the rider’s first bike.

Key Features

FRAME: 20.5” Top Tube

CRANKSET: 3pc Tubular Cromo, 175mm

BB: Mid Sealed Bearing

FRONT HUBS: Alloy, 3/8″ axle

REAR HUBS: 9T Cassette, 14MM axle,

GRIPS: Hoffman Raz w/plugs 150mm

HEADSET: 1-1/8″ Integrated

SADDLE: Hoffman Conjoined

HB30021 BamaFork CHM

Bama Forks

Seth Kimbrough’s signature Bama forks were designed and tested by Seth himself and have proven to be one of the best forks on the market for all forms of riding.

Key Features

Weight with Cap: 31.8oz

Material: 100% Heat treatment 4130 Chromoly

Steerer Tube: 1pc CNC Steerer Tube

Legs: Tapered Fork Legs with Internal Butting

Dropouts: 4mm Dropout

Dropout Offset: 1.1″ | 26mm

​Low Drag V4.3 Bars

Move over 2-pc bars the Low Drags are back in town. Out of retirement the popular Low Drag bars are back better then ever.

Key Features

Weight: 17.9oz

Material: 4130 Chromoly Heat Treatment

Rise: 8″

Width: 30″

Backsweep: 6°

Upsweep: 3°

HB30031 TLStem RED

​TL Stem

Newly redesigned TL stem features a clean and simple design. Internal machining to reduce weight with out sacrificing strength.

Key Features

Weight: 9.8oz

Reach: 50mm

Stack Height: 32mm

Rise: 26mm

Bolts: Hollow

HB30038 SolematePedals BLK

SoleMate Pedals

Lightweight body with a great concave feel and an innovative new pin design make this the perfect mate for your sole. Other pin designs become loose or ground down which damages the threads in the pedal body. Hoffman’s new pin design eliminates these problems and makes replacement easier

Key Features

Color: Black

Weight: 21.8oz

Material: Aluminum Body

Spindle: 9/16 chromo

Bearings: Loose ball


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