First Look : Tony Malouf's BSD Beverage Frame

BSD quenches your thirst with Tony Malouf's new Water 'Beverage' color way!

13 Apr 2015

Malouf- PR firstlook portrait WM

Photos and words by Wes McGrath

A famous quotation loosely attributed to Mark Twain states, "Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over", can span meaning across generations. Since the ages of Mark Twain and the American frontier the importance of libations has captivated both young and old, all the while water takes a back seat in the minds of most... Yet, when we go to a bar and order whiskey it's often paired with water, either to help with an upcoming hangover or to just smooth over the rough after tastes of cheap liquor.

However in this case of Tony Malouf and his new signature BSD 'Beverage' frame, whiskey has taken the back seat to the recently released 'Water' color way... This frame is a spin off of his past Jameson color way of green and burgundy, with a refreshing raw clear coat appearance mimicking H2o in all its life giving Dartisean glory!

Tony malouf bikecheck3 firstlook PR WM

So Tony, we have recently been getting the chance to work together and this trip to Puerto Rico was definitely one for the books. You filmed your frame promo while we were there and now lets give some insight to how this all came to fruition. Start by telling us how old are you and where you are from originally.

I'm 26 years old and I am from the Midwest, Illinois to be exact... I have lived in Arizona for the past few years.

Tony Malouf bikecheck2 firstlook PR WM
Tony malouf bikecheck1 firstlook PR WM

When did the first set of beverage frames originally come about?

I think it was the end of 2012. Not 100% on that but I know the promo for that came out early 2013.

How did your frame come to life through BSD?

Well, Grant (BSD owner) and I discussed it a couple years into my (7 year) involvement with the company but waited quite a while before pulling the trigger. That would have been around 2010 when we first brought it up, that was even before Reed and David were even around. The Beverage and the Raider ended up dropping the same time a couple years later.

What is BSD to you?

A high end BMX bike company. Haha actually I'm not sure. Sounds like an experimental drug.

Why did this specific color way attract you to Puerto Rico to film for your frame promo?

Well, once we based it off Fiji water I knew I wanted to go somewhere tropical. What better then an island surrounded by water?

Was the recent BSD blue made just for the water beverage edition? Safari pedals, paley grips, bars, tires?

Yeah it was actually! Grant and I were once again discussing new things for BSD and eventually got around to tires. Alex's Donnasqueak tires had just came out and we already had grey and red ones. I was thinking of my new color scheme and knew right away that if we went with the Fiji themed graphics I would want blue tires and a blue seat. Once we finalized the frame we finalized the blue!

Tony malouf bikecheck4 firstlook PR WM
Tony malouf bikecheck6 firstlook PR WM

What specific geometry changes were made in this issue of the Beverage?

Ummm... The rear end is wider for fatter tires and we made the head tube a bit steeper for noza's and we thickened up the tubing a bit for strength.

Is there any change in your life style since the first "Jameson" colorway was released? Given the change from whiskey to water?

Hahaha loads man! I still drink a fair amount of Whiskey but I mainly drink water. Over the years I've gotten really into spring water and finding springs. From that I've grown a much larger appreciation for water. If I'm not drinking water I'm normally drinking cold pressed juice with a scoop of RAWr superfoods.


BSD Beverage Frame Specs:

• External gussets on TT and DT

• Double butted toptube and downtube.

• Tiny dropouts, designed to fit peg and hubguard with no overhang.

• Extra wide rear end for fat tyres.

• Tapered seat and chainstays.

• Removable brake hardware.

• Internally relieved headtube.

• Built in seatclamp.

• Mid bottom bracket.


• Toptube lengths: 20.3″, 20.65″ and 21″

• Headtube angle: 75°

• Seattube angle: 70°

• Rear end length: 13.25 – 13.65″

• BB Height: 11.5″

• Standover height: 8.8″

• Weight: 4.9 lbs

• Colours: Clear water raw

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