Playlist - The Seventies VHS Mix

Hastings Inspired Tuneage - From Paul Buchanan and Tortoise to Dean Hearne and Lulu

7 Jun 2015

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Compiled by James Cox


Seventies VHS Mix

From Paul Buchanan and Tortoise to Dean Hearne and Lulu...

In no particular order, a selection of tracks from a few of the most iconic Seventies VHS releases between the 1990's - 2000's.

State Of Mind - Senser: Intro Unlock Your BMX (1994)

Egg Raid On Mojo - Beastie Boys: Ian Morris Slam Section, Unlock Your BMX (1994)

Quiet On Tha Set, - NWA: Boyley, Livid (1998)

Ashphalt Risin - Fu Manchu: Amos Burke, Livid (1998)

Joan Of Arc - The Hands: Intro: Love To Hate (2001)

Dreadlocks Dread - U Roy: Dan Price, Love To Hate (2001)

Tortoise - Jetty: Paul Buchanan, Love To Hate (2001)

Blenderhead - Bad Religion: Keith Treanor, Behold The Wonders That Never Cease (1993)

Running Away - Roy Ayers: Stuart Dawkins, Behold The Wonders That Never Cease (1993)

Soul Limbo - Snuff, Backyard 1995, The Last Resort (1996)

Straight Edge - Minor Threat: John Dye, The Last Resort (1996)

Teenage Kicks - Hagfish: Ian Morris, The Last Resort (1996)

You've Got A Problem - Face to Face: Fids, On Location (1995)

P.C - Guttermouth: Bicycle Union Section, On Location (1995)

Love Loves To Love Love - Lulu: Dean Hearne, Word (1997)

More More More - Carmel: Outro, Word (1997)