Productivity - Tyler Fernengel's Demolition Paradise Line

Paradise Found!

12 Jan 2016

Tyler Line

By Kerr Bilsland

There's not a chance you didn't see Tyler Fernengel causing some kind of carnage in 2015 and for that reason Demolition saw fit to get him lined up with exactly what he needs. Seeing someone as young as Tyler getting dealt a line of signature products is pretty surreal. It doesn't happen too often but when you're hucking yourself like he does you'll want to go into those scary situations knowing you have exactly what you need beneath you. For this week's DIG Productivity we're bringing you a closer look at his Paradise Line.

Paradise Bar

These come featuring a bigger box and are made from 13-butted, 4130 heat treated chromoly. No one wants to be snapping bars so as the sticker on the crossbar implies these are built to "Send it" coming with thicker tubing than usual for maximum peace of mind when it's needed most.

Productivity Bar Paradise Blk


- Rise: 8.75" & 9.5"

- Width: 28.5"

- Backsweep: 11°

- Upsweep:

- Crossbar OD: .75"

- Crossbar Height: 6.3" (8.75") 7" (9.5")

- Crossbar Width: 11" (8.75") 11.7" (9.5")

- Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest point is 1.8t (.070)

- Weight: 33.2 oz (8.75")

- Colors: Black and Chrome

Productivity Bar Paradise Chrm

Paradise Seat

Getting extra tropical the seat looks like your favourite holiday destination and is available in either Tripod or Pivitol respectively. Coming with a reinforced base to fight off bends/breaks and if at any time you forget just how young Tyler is it has the year he was born on the seat patch to keep you old boys angry and young guns jealous. 

Paradise Laying


- Weight: 9.5 oz. (Tripod), 11.5 oz. (Pivotal)

- Colors: Black and Navy

Paradise Colors

Paradise Stem

Having rode and loved Rob Wise's old stem Tyler wanted to emulate that with his. This is a true top-load made out of 6061 aluminium with extensive internal and external machining to reduce weight. Continuing with the polished look this has beveled edges and a top cut-out for a clean cut approach.

Productivity Stem Tyler


- Reach: 50 mm

- Width: 48 mm wide for extra clamping area.

- Stack Height: 33 mm

- Rise: 35 mm (Upright) / Recessed for ø32 mm Bolt

- Weight: 12.8 oz

- Colors: Black, Polished and Digital Camo

Stem Paradise Polished

Official DIG Partner: Demolition

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