Snapshots - Tyler Fernegel's Puerto Rico Polaroids

Another day, another taste of pardise...

12 Jan 2016

Photos by Tyler Fernengel

Long before Instagram and long before Tyler Fernengel or what we now know as BMX were born, instant Polaroid cameras were considered to be a pretty big deal. Even in their heyday then were seen as something pretty cool and a little bit different. The almost instant (for the time anyway) exposure combined with a lack of controls and the washed out or over saturated colours always added something different and unique to every shot. Injury kept Tyler out the recent Haro Rico trip but rather than go the usual route and capture everything on his phone Tyler took it back and went the Polaroid route. Here's a few samples of what he shot.

"Two weeks before this trip to Puerto Rico I separated my shoulder unfortunately but there was still no way I could pass up the trip. It was just an amazing experience to get to know everybody better and just chill with my brothers. Couldn't have asked for anything better." - Tyler Fernengel

"I noticed Tyler shooting instant Polaroid photos on our Haro Puerto Rico trip and when we were leaving I asked to check them out. Here's a few that I thought were pretty cool. Don't forget to capture the moments on trips, they'll be around forever to look back on!" - Colin Mackay / Haro TM

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