Who Gets Your Vote? The 'Real BMX' 2018 videos

With Colin Varanyak, Kevin Preaza, Corey Martinez, Sean Ricany, Tom Dugan & Brad Simms

31 May 2018

Real X 18 All

X Games 'REAL BMX' 2018

Another year, another dose of 'Real BMX' via X Games. Will DIG's Peter Adam be able to stay on top as part of a winning team or will a fresh face take the win? Put your feet up for ten minutes and prepare yourself for an onslaught of wild clips in these six entries to Real BMX 2018. Once you're done, tell us your top three in the comments below. And remember, you're voting for the quality produced from both sides of the lens.

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Real BMX 2018 - Brad Simms by Christian Rigal

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Real BMX 2018 - Colin Varanyak by Doeby

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Real BMX 2018 - Corey Martinez by Peter Adam

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Real BMX 2018 - Sean Ricany by Veesh

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Real BMX 2018 - Kevin Peraza by Juani Zurita

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Real BMX 2018 - Tom Dugan by Darryl Tocco

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