Who get's your vote? The 2017 X Games 'Real BMX' Sections


14 Jun 2017

Xgames Leader 2017

Sections filmed and edited by Navaz, Peter Adam, Dave Sowerby, Christian Rigal, Mike Mastroni, and Darryl Tocco

So here we go - another year of X Games 'Real BMX' and the sections have just dropped. As you'd expect with this list of riders and filmers the results were pretty epic - i'm sure you'll agree the riding across the board was out of hand. We don't envy the judging team (Jason Enns, Rooftop, Brian Kachinsky, Dakota Roche) having to list their favorites when they're all that good. Despite that we'd probably have to give (in no particular order) top 3 to Nathan Williams, Dave Krone and... wait, no forget it... we can't decide. Let us know your favorite in the comments below! Get your official vote in here.

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