Alex Hiam's latest Colony Sweet Tooth Build

27 Oct 2021

P1088195 Lr

Photos courtesy of Tim Storey & Cooper Brownlee

Alex Hiam tends to blow our minds on a weekly basis with the clips that he drops online. Get more of an insight into what Alex rides and what he's been up to.

Alex Side Tooth Dig

How would you describe your personal bike setup?


Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

Tubes, chain, and seat.

What parts do you ride the longest?


How does it feel to have your own signature frame? Were there any features that were ‘must haves' when working on your frame?

It's super motivating and still does not feel real, The tapers on the tubes and all the dimensions were must haves.

Any special mods or things you do when building up a new setup?

I cut my Bars & Seat post, Put some Lightweight tubes in.

How come you run 1 CrMo peg on the front wheel and not plastic?

The CrMo peg is for toothpicks stalls, it helps grip on the coping.

P1088177 Lr
P1088186 Lr

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding this past 18 months?

it's been good to Go a bit deeper into filming video parts, and explore some Techniques I had always put off because I didn't really put the time into learning it, which now I can Fully focus on.

What else have you got planned for this year riding wise? What’s next?

Finishing a Video part for Vans then I plan to Ride bikes and have fun.

What are a couple parks you’ve been enjoying riding lately?

Beenleigh is great for big ramps, going high and fast and Coorparoo is a dope street style park in Brisbane I have been loving, heaps of skaters and the energy is good.

Outside of riding, what have you been up to of late?

Laying low to be honest... Yoga, meditation, exercising, swimming, listening to audio books, journaling and Drawing as of late!

When we’re able to travel again where are you looking forward to hitting up?

Anywhere but here, haha. Pretty keen to ride some crazy big city again like London, hit the USA and catch up with my long lost friends.

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P1088189 Lr

Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth 21"

Fork: Colony Sweet Tooth 25mm offset

Handlebars: Colony Sweet Tooth 8.8 rise, cut down

Stem: Colony Squareback

Headset: Colony Tall

Cranks: Colony Venator,170mm

Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic

Seat: Colony AH Combo

Bottom Bracket: Colony Mid

Sprocket: Colony Menace 25T

Chain: KMC light

Pegs: Colony Anyway Plastic with 1 front CrMo Colony Oneway

Tires: Colony Griplock 2.35"

Front Wheel: Colony Wasp hub with Colony Contour rim

Rear Wheel: Colony Freecoaster hub with Colony Contour rim

Footwear: Vans

For more info: COLONY BMX

P1088181 Lr
P1088182 Lr
Alex Whip Transfer Dig

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