"Woodward will get you stoked to ride, even when you no longer can"

Profile's 'Woodward Daze' In Photos

5 Nov 2021

Profile Woodward Daze Photo 3

Hard stance amongst a crew of softies.

Words by Matt Coplon | All photos by Dillon Leeper unless stated

It's been years.

Schedules coinciding: never.

Working: always

The logistical nightmare, at times, getting our crew together to enjoy a break from the weekly grind.

And seven riders?

Cory, Dan, Dillon/Shane, and Bobby/Chris were in a position where they could drive. Always best case scenario, controlling your own ETA.

Mulville, on the other hand, flying out of Orlando--one of the largest International airports in the US and always filled with droves of tourists, and into tiny State College in rural PA--always makes for an interesting commute, albeit, extremely stressful.

Two days late, he made it, even if it were to get a tiny piece.

Again, 7 riders converging? Almost a miracle.

I can't speak for the good times had, at least not in 1st person, but as a third person in the group text, I got a grasp that, once at camp, the stress was cancelled and the riding never seemed to stop.

Up early on that coffee shred at 9am, followed, much later, with the nightly "I'm riding Lot 8, get here" at 10pm.

It is true that Woodward will get you stoked to ride, even when you no longer can/or want to. Your exhaustion is always overridden by a fear of missing out.

This little valley of wooden and cement obstacles tends to put that positive spell on you...

Here's a cache of photos, and our accompanying edit. Just a small taste of the good times had.

Thanks to Woodward for having us. Thanks to the crew of campers who accompanied us for the week; to those many new bmx bonds that will span a lifetime.

And from us here at the Profile Factory, thanks to Mark Mulville, Dan Conway, Shane and Dillon leeper, Cory Foust, Bobby Proctor, and Chris Childs for chipping at their schedules, spreading good times and positivity.

We appreciate you.

-Matt Coplon, Profile Racing

Profile Woodward Daze Photo 15

We were pretty proud of these hand made trophies. Machined and etched in the Profile Factory, congrats to all those riders who snagged one.

--Most Stoked Award

--Most Style Award

--Loose Canon Award

--Trail Boss Award

--Underdog Award

--"The Kid" Award (presented by Shane Halahan).

--Hardest Repping Award

Profile Woodward Daze Photo 17
Profile Woodward Daze Photo 16
Profile Woodward Daze Photo 18

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