Setups: Ethan Corriere

And His FIT Savage

15 May 2018

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Ethan Corriere ventured across the pond for the recent FIT trip through England and came loaded up with a fresh new FIT setup. Running the new age system with super low PSI, guard sprocket, coaster and all the pegs, this is a vape-trailing street machine. Get your eyes round his current setup and the video from their week in London below...

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Frame: FIT Savage

Forks: FIT Shiv v3

Bars:  FIT Vandal

Grips: FIT tech

Chain: Shadow or something...

Chainring: Does that mean sprocket? I've got the FIT Keyguard.

Pegs: Merritt Begin pegs

Wheels: GSPORT ribcage rims

Front Hub: Merritt

Rear hub: Merritt coaster

Seat: FIT café

Seat clamp: Integrated baby

Stem: FIT high top

Tyres: FIT FAF 2.3

Headset: I don't know...

Pedals: Merritt p1

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How is this set up specific to your riding needs? 

Very specific. The combination of parts and swag makes it perfect for me.

Any special mods? 

Not really. Sometimes i'll add some paint or throw one white wall tire on. The only real one is the headset spacer above the stem.

What's the deal with that spacer on your stem?

Well I have this fear that one day I will want to raise my bars, so I’m too scared to cut my forks down. And it looks sick as fuck.

What are you most particular about on your bike?

Air pressure has to be right around 35 psi or I loose my mind. Oh and I fuckin' hate when my back wheel isn’t straight in the dropouts.

Which parts do you go through the most?

Definitely pedals from doing crank arms. Also I rip a lot of tires cause they fold every time I land.

How often do you work on your bike? Are you a bike maintenance type of guy?

Does changing tubes count? 

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"The combination of parts and swag makes it perfect for me."

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