SETUPS: Jacman Hinss & His WTP Paradox

"I've always loved how Randy Taylor’s bike looked"

13 May 2020

Jacman Bike Portrait 6

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Wethepeople’s recently (ish) recruited OZ maaaad ridaah Jacman Hinns has had an unlucky first year since being spotted by the German brand, breaking his knee cap in three places just a couple days before a WTP trip to LA. To keep his spirits up he built up a fresh Paradox setup ready for his return - check the full rundown and interview below.

Jacman Bike Small 2

Frame: WTP Paradox frame 21tt

Fork: WTP Battleship forks

Bars: WTP buck 9.4 atm. I usually run WTP 10’ but there at lewis’s in Sydney haha,

Stem: ECLAT domain front load stem


Pedals: WTP plastic

Chainring: ECLAT ak guard 25t

Rims: ECLAT E440 RIM

Hubs: ECLAT Cortex freecoaster RHD/ Cortex front hub also.

Pegs: WTP dill pickle plastic, 4.5

Tyres: ECLAT mirage tire 2.45 foldable

Seat: WTP team tripod

Seatpost: WTP tripod

Grips: ECLAT Shogun grips

Jacman Bike Portrait 20

How do you set your bike up?

I love a simple, clean looking bike, also feels quick and snappy for certain tricks. I've always loved how Randy Taylor’s bike looked was just clean simple no brakes so yeah went from there haha.

What modifications have you done to your setup?

Nothing really just throw her together haha umm I don’t run that middle spacer in bb so my cranks are tighter for whips but yeah thats about it.

What parts are you most hyped on at the moment?

The WTP Paradox frame for sure love the specs and the cool fancy chainstay for tire clearance ect its mad because if your wheel gets a little buckle while out riding its got so much clearance, your wheel could nearly be taco and still fit in there hahah

Any parts, geo or features you are very particular about?

I'm definitely v picky with some parts. haha.

Obviously frame: has to be right specs for my riding etc

Bars: I like them uncut and pretty wide around 29.5ish or close to 30” which is kinda weird because I do lots of bar spins, but I dunno just feel like I’m more in control with a wider bar and I have a 21tt and the shortest cranks I can get so I have lots of room for my bars being wide.

Cranks: I have to ride 160mm when I ride friends bikes that have longer cranks feels so whack for me, plus shorter cranks give you more clearance for your bar spins with your front foot being more centre if ya know what I mean and spins etc way easier with your feet more centred on the bike.

Tires: for me have to be kinda light and then obviously grippy and soft as possible.

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What frame are you running at the moment?

Im running the new WTP Paradox frame, never had or really been into a frame with all the hydro form bits and pieces but its definitely grown on me more now I love the way the Paradox looks and feels.

You’ve been on the WeThePeople program for a little while now; hows everything going?

Yeah about a year now I think. yeah its been mad working with WTP and riding for them, the bikes are so good which is awesome, then yeah working on a video with Ben for WTP that should hopefully be out later this year if all goes to plan :) umm yeah also hopefully doing some more stuff with WTP later in year and next :)

So you had a nasty fall a couple months back which resulted in a broken knee cap, care to explain what happened there?

Yeah sucked soooo much haha, 2 days before a Wethepeople trip in LA but kinda lucky timing with the Covid lockdown so haven’t really been missing much.

So the crash I was doing a bar pegs on the big city park rail in Melbourne which I do a lot, but this one i got a funny hop for the bars and got sketchy and went crook then front peg slipped of falling face first forwards the bottom, haha i’ve had this happen in past from slipping bar feeble ect on rails and i can usually jump over bars and kinda roll it out haha, but my legs got stuck behind bars on this one and I just went knee first and shoulder in the ground hahah.

At the start I thought it was only popped out so me and my mate (Jack Gruber) tried to push it back in but didn’t realise it was in 3 pieces haha eww. But thank you jack for looking after me, taking my bike and sorting the situation out really haha.

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What's the road to recovery looking like?

So its a 3 month process of healing and physio I think and I’ve got about 4 weeks left to I can start pedalling around and that so super keen for that.

What have you been doing with your time, not only whilst healing up, but also during this Covid lockdown?

Lots of my art bits and bobs, been designing a shirt for Alex liiv’s brand Dead Leisure so that will be out soon which was super cool and fun little project, other then that hanging with my house mates in Melbourne playing darts, the boys have been riding our backyard ramp and making ramps in backyard so just trying to keep ourself busy really.

Whats your plans for the future once your knee is good to go and when the lockdowns have relaxed?

Definitely go see the boys Boyd, Lew, Jordan, ben and do a big road trip around Australian and film, hang etc, Which I’m super keen for. Then yeah pretty much seeing everyone and just being free and riding haha.

Any final words, thanks or advice?

Um thanks my friends for being fun! Hah and family for always supporting me :)

Also, thank you Wethepeople, Vans, Terry at BMX mafia, Anchor BMX, Phoenix management group. xxx

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