And his Radio Bikes Nemesis

8 Jun 2021

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Photos courtesy of Traffic BMX

Cologne local and Radio Bikes / Traffic BMX team rider Kai Schulte gets the DIG Setups treatment today with his Nemesis setup. Scroll down for the full breakdown along with some info on the man himself...

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Frame: Radio Nemesis 20.75

Fork: Eclat Storm 15mm

Handlebars: Radio Nemesis 9.25

Grips: Radio Frequency XL Black

Stem: Eclat Onyx

Headset: SaltPlus

Cranks: Radio DestroLight

Sprocket: Radio 47 Guard Sprocket

Pedals: Eclat Centric

BB: SaltPlus

Chain: SaltPlus

Front Hub: Wethepeople Supreme

Front Spokes: Eclat

Front Rim: BSD Aero Pro

Front Tire: Eclat Mirage

Rear Hub: Wethepeople Hybrid

Rear Spokes: Eclat

Rear Rim: BSD Aero Pro

Rear Tire: Eclat Mirage

Rimtape: BSD

Pegs: Eclat Venom

Seat: Radio Team Issue Pivotal

Seatpost: Radio

Brakes: Shoes

Tubes: Traffic BMX

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Favorite part and why?

My favorite part is the Destro Light Crank because no cranks have lasted so long and they're so light at the same time. Never broke any of those I rode.

How is the BMX scene in Cologne?

Perfect! Cologne offers you so many people to ride with, so that you will always find people to hang out with.

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Which parts last you the longest?

Cranks and the frame.

Which parts do you wear out the quickest?

Pedals, because Unlucky-Grinds are my favorite.

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How long have you been riding already and what keeps you going?

I started riding BMX at the age of almost 13 when I quitted riding motocross. I enjoyed staying on two wheels and still being able to jump around. In the beginning it was hard for me to learn that BMX is not a competition and it’s not about being the best but it’s about having good times with everyone. In that time I met a lot of great couple who I can call my best friends nowadays. All in all I would say my motivation behind riding my bike is to enjoy the weather, the people and all those funny situations with others.

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding last year and this year?

I had to think twice who I should hit up to meet and who I don’t. But we were lucky that we were still able to ride bikes in a very small group in contrast to all those team sports for example.

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Any plans for the rest of 2021?

I hope I am able to catch a flight to a random city outside of Germany just because I miss travelling with my bike.

Who are your favorite riders to watch?

Hobie Doan - He makes riding look so easy and effortless while always exuding good vibes in his videos.

Felix Prangenberg - His riding is just senseless, unreal and he progresses way too fast haha.

Leon Hoppe & Fabian Bongers - Both do tricks you would never expect them to do at an after work session.

If you could ride any spot in the world, where would it be?

The Lyon 25!

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