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A first look at his new Verde rig

10 Apr 2018

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Photos by Nathan Sykes

Matt Cordova is part of a new wave of riders that is not categorized, and is rooted in the more fundamental aspects of BMX - riding everything and shredding at all of it. There's no real allegiance to a pre-written formula. They aren't park rats, or trails guys or street riders, but a little bit of each and pushing the limits of all. "Fast and Loose" is a title that certainly applies. Matt is coming off an injury and it has just been announced he has been added to the Verde Bikes Pro team to add  to his long standing support from Demolition. With a new lease on his riding status, the time is ripe to see Matt back on the bike, and there's no doubt he's motivated to once again, start blasting everything in sight.

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Full Name: Matt Cordova

Age: 27

Hometown: Longmont, CO

Current location: Wildomar, CA

Sponsors: Health-Ade Kombucha, Verde Bikes, Demolition Parts, Vans, 100%, Fast and Loose, Team Soil

FRAME: Verde Oxbridge

BARS: Demolition Rig 9"

GRIPS: Demolition Axes

STEM: Demolition Rig

HEADSET: Demolition 

FORKS: Demolition Fox forks

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SPROCKET: Demolition Markit 30T

CRANKS: Demolition Rig

PEDALS: Demolition Metal Troopers

CHAIN: Shadow Half link

REAR HUB: Demolition Whistler

REAR TIRE: Demolition Rig 2.25

REAR RIM: Demolition Zero rim

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FRONT HUB: Demolition Ghost V2

FRONT TIRE: Demolition Rig 2.25

FRONT RIM: Demolition Zero rim

PEGS: Demolition Bipolar metal pegs

SEAT: Demolition MC seat (tripod)

SEAT POST: Demolition Tripod post

KICKS: Vans 112 Pros


Matt C Lip

Get us up to speed with your life. You’re just coming off an injury. What happened and how has the recovery process been?

I was dealing with a nagging foot injury for almost 4 years and I was just over being in pain constantly. Come to find out, I had about a 20mm piece of dead bone floating around in my foot from an unknown break. I had to get surgery in November to get it removed and replaced with a cadaver bone. It’s been about 4 months now and I just got released to slowly return back to normal activity. Recovery was pretty mellow, I was non-weight barring for 2 months. Then got straight into physical therapy for the last couple months with my sister-in-law, she killed it. Feels good to be on the bike cruising! 

It’s just been announced that you’re riding for Verde BIkes. Congrats. How did this come to be?

Yeah, I am extremely stoked to become a part of the Verde family. The initial conversation actually started with a text from Biz asking if I had any plans on frame deals. Which turned into talking with Steve Buddendeck, and now I am on the team and couldn’t be more happy. The team is full of a bunch of rad guys. I can’t wait for some trips.

What do you have in the works with Verde? A signature frame, from what we understand?

Yep, I have a frame in the works, everything is sent in, just waiting on the sample to get finished up. Then its time to put it through the ringer and test it out. Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Matt C Invert

Do you have new-found motivation with a new sponsor and bike?

It definitely helps re-light the fire a little and gets the stoke up. It’s always fun building a new bike. And the thought of some team trips is rejuvenated.

Looking at your parts list, you’re obviously still in deep with the Demolition Parts brand. Any new developments with them? New signature parts or colorways?

Oh yeah, I can’t thank Castillo and the rest of the guys enough over at Demo. We’re currently working on a new colorway of my signature seat, and there’s been some talks of maybe adding another part to the list, but not exactly sure what.

A BMX bike is a minimalist machine and everything provides a function, but what do you the consider the three most crucial parts of your bike and why?

I’d have to say frame, bars, and pedals. If any of those feel off, it makes you feel off.

You’re from Colorado. When did you move to CA and how has the change in location effected your BMX experience?

I moved out of Colorado when I was 19, which is almost 9 years ago which is crazy to think of. The change has definitely effected my BMX experience in a positive way. Weather is always killer, people always riding, it’s just a good time. But, I definitely miss home from time to time. Much love for the 303.

Matt C Euro

Your brother Joey is a ripper as well as an outstanding photographer. How has having such a close partner-in-riding crimes influenced your path?

To be honest it was so awesome. Growing up as kids we were always riding together, building jumps in fields. I was the annoying little brother that tagged along, Ha ha. He has helped me out so much and always there when I need help or guidance. I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Joey. 

You and your crew rip it up on the dirt, in bowls and all kinds of transitions, defying categorization.  How did you arrive at this all-terrain “fast and loose” status?

That’s how it was back in the day, growing up watching all the old videos--everyone rode everything. I think that has just always stuck with me.  

Anything else you want to add?

Big thanks to everyone involved in my corner that keeps me rolling! 

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16 Nov 2017