Setups: Matt Nordstrom

A Well Rounded FIT / ODYSSEY Street Machine

25 May 2016

Words and Photos by Andrew White

Austin’s Matt Nordstrom has been making a name for himself lately, and for good reason. Following the ‘do what you do well, and don’t be a dick’ formula to success, Matt’s riding has finally led to a coveted spot on both Fit and Odyssey pro.

Fully inline with the new school - 4 pegs and a coaster standard issue bike - Matt can still pull from a bag of tricks that would have been common 15 years ago. One minute he’ll be pulling a crazy smooth tech line on a ledge, the next he’ll roast a candybar flyout and somehow make an inherently dorky trick not so goofy. It’s rare to see a guy who’s progressing modern riding also fire out a Props move, he’s a very well rounded BMXer.

It’s a blast watching his riding, just take a look at these videos for proof, and stay tuned to see Odyssey Miami. He’s young and got a good head on him, living in Austin and eager to travel, so expect to see much more Nordstrom in the future.

Favorite part? Probably the grips because I really do enjoy a soft, thin pair of grips. 

Oldest part? Probably the seat post haha.

Any Mods? I cut my bars down to 27" and I cut the forks so I can slam my stem.

How are you with bike maintenance? I'm alright when it comes to bike maintenance, but I've been getting better since I've started traveling more.

How often do you build a new bike? Anywhere from 4-10 months.

What do you like riding these days?  I'll ride anything but I'd say I enjoy riding curbs, ledges and flat rails the most but I'm still down to session a rail if it is a good setup.

Plans for 2016? I'm planning on dropping a Fit web video at some point filmed by the homie Francis Castro and also I'm going to Germany for a family trip and am planning on bringing my bike so that will be interesting. For the most part I'm just trying to ride my bike and travel with the homies as much as possible in 2016!

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