Evan Smedley - Austin Top Fives

Playing favorites in the capital city of Texas

24 May 2016

Evan Smedley Dig Bmx Footjam Whip Devin Feil

Photos and words by Devin Feil

I caught up with Mutiny's Evan Smedley this winter in Austin, near the tail end of a year and a half stay and just before he headed back to Pennsylvania.  Seeing as the Texas' capital city has always been one of the world's go-to BMX destinations, I thought I'd let Evan look back on his time in town and play favorites...


1. Tacoba
2. Burro Grilled Cheese Truck
3. Vera Cruz
4. ALC steaks
5. Bangers


I met so many awesome people living in Texas, these are the people I rode with most...
1. Darryl Tocco
2. Gaz (Sanders - Mutiny Bikes owner)
3. Thomas Hooper
4. Chase Hawk
5. Maxime Bonfil

Evan Smedley Dig Bmx Austin 5 Sitting Devin Feil

Evan taking a break after a winter afternoon spent riding in downtown Austin.


1. Flat Track Coffee
2. Brew & Brew
3. Whole Foods
4. Buzzmill
5. My kitchen


1. Work my 9-4 job in air conditioning 
3. Drink Margs
4. Morning sessions at House Park
5. Drink Cold Brew


1. Mutiny "Lets Get Mystical" Texas
2. Fox Europe in Austin
4. Maxime Bonfil Texas Edit
5. Fly Bikes "Austin"

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1. Being able to ride my bike every day
2. Meeting all of the awesome people who travel to Austin to ride
3. Morning sessions with Gaz, Ashley, Scotty, and Thomas
4. Any 9th st event that wasn't rained out
5. Sessions at T1


There are a million it's hard to narrow it down to five...
1. I can't wait to get back and ride with everyone.
2. Hang out with Gaz and play video games
3. Game night at Chase and Lauren's
4. Get tattooed by Thomas Hooper
5. A night on the town with Darryl Tocco, Devon Hutchins, and Mat Houck

Evan Smedley Dig Bmx Austin 5 Shadow Devin Feil

Until next time Austin.

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