Get a closer look at his FLY BIKES Aire

14 Jul 2020

Sem Kok 03212

Images courtesy of / Halux visions

Dutch transition ripper Sem Kok and Fly Bikes are a perfect combo, and now he's built up a new ride that looks equally on point. Scroll down to look through his new Fly Aire build. "Clean and simple" just how he likes it!

Sem Kok 9110

How would you describe your personal bike setup?

I always keep my bike as clean and quiet as possible. When I drop my bike in needs to sound clean with no crazy noises. Clean and simple!

Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

I’m very picky when it comes to my bike but, the one part that has to be particularly good is my drivetrain area.

Which parts do you ride the longest?

Everything. Most of the time I build my bike and don’t do anything to it over time.

Any special mods or things you do when building up a new setup?

I cut my bars, forks, fork cap, and seatpost down, to save some weight.

Do you have any new signature product or parts dropping this year?

Nothing in the works yet, but hopefully in the near future!

Where are you living these days?

I’m still living in America (not that one, a village in the Netherlands). I can’t leave this place but I have been so lucky to have my own park at the house and be able to ride whenever!

How good is the scene there?

In my area there are not many. Just a handful of dudes that I ride with.

How did you occupy your time during lockdown?

I have been working a job during the week - It’s driving a forklift at a mushroom factory. Shit sucks and it's better to be riding in the evenings, and at weekends.

Are things back to normal now?

Not really I have just been staying around the borders of Belgium and Germany and been riding a lot.

What have you got planned for the rest of this year riding wise? What’s next?

Super stoked to be able to go to UK for the BOH and might be on a Flybikes trip afterwards!

Sem Kok 03058
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03167
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03092

Frame: Fly Aire (Larry Edgar Signature) 21" toptube / 13.8” rear end

Fork: Fly Volcano 30mm

Handlebars: Fly Sierra 9”

Stem: Fly Volcano FL

Grips: New Fly Ruben 2 grips

Headset: Fly Rotar

Cranks: Fly Dolmen 170

Pedals: Fly Ruben Aluminum

Seat: Fly Sierra Tripod

Seat Post: Fly Tripod

Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar

Sprocket: Fly 20 aniverssary Circulo 29 T

Chain: Fly Tractor

Pegs: Fly Cr-mo pegs

Tires: Fly Ruben 2.35 rear / New Ligera foldable tire 2.40 front

Front Wheel: New Fly Magneto Cr-Mo axle female hub, Fly Lunar rim

Rear Wheel: New Fly Magneto 9 T Cr-Mo axle female hub , New Fly Lunar XL rim

Footwear: etnies Marana/Veer

Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03099
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03116
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03132
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03127
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03124
Sem Kok Flybike Bike Check Halux Visions 03103
Sem Kok 9207