Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico City 2019 - Everything You Need To Know & Final Results

New stop, new concrete...

19 Aug 2019

Mens Podium Mexico 2019 Rob Dolecki 0088 Photos by ROB DOLECKI

The VANS BMX PRO CUP has returned for another year of bowl blasting and worldwide style appreciation and this weekend the third stop goes to Mexico City at the newly poured Skatepark Metro Puebla 2. Stay connected here and via the DIG INSTAGRAM for everything that goes down over the weekend.

Mexico City, Mexico – August 16-18th

Huntington Beach, USA - September 13-15th (World Championships)


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2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Mexico Highlights

Mexican Mayhem - More Info

Men's Final Results

1. Jason Watts

2. Gary Young

3. Larry Edgar

4. Dennis Enarson

5. Jose Torres Gil

6. Kevin Peraza

7. Sergio Layos

8. Kris Fox

9. Matt Cordova

10. Boyd Hilder

11. Chris James

12. Josh Dove

13. Jayden Mucha

14. Paul Thoelen

Best Whip: Corey Walsh

Best Trick: Kevin Peraza

Women's Final Results

1. Natalya Diehm

2. Perris Benegas

3. Macarena Perez

4. Teresa Azcoaga

5. Angie Marino

6.Anahi Valentina Areualo

7. Jesse Gregory

8. Margarita Meraz

9. Citlali Tomes

10. Derlayne Roque

Best Whip: Perris Benegas

Best Trick: Angie Marino

Jason Watts 2019 Rob Dolecki 0094
Womens Podium Mexico 2019 Rob Dolecki 0087

Men's Semi- Final Results (Top 14 in Finals)

1. Dennis Enarson

2. Jason Watts

3. Kevin Peraza

4. Gary Young

5. Larry Edgar

6. Boyd Hilder

7. Sergio Layos

8. Jose Torres Gil

9. Matt Cordova

10. Kris Fox

11. Paul Thoelen

12. Josh Dove

13. Jayden Mucha

14. Chris James

15. Matty Cranmer

16. Pat Casey

17. Corey Walsh

18. Ivan Galdames

19. Netzer Alain Prada Garcia

20. Parker Heath

21. Chase Pauza

22. Michael Mogollon

23. Victor Munoz

24. Tomas Fuentes

25. Felipe Manerim

26. Cauan Madona

27. Jose Cedano

28. Andres Gatica

29. Jay Dalton

30. Daniel Giraldo

31.Juan Sebastian Vaca Martinez

32.Pabel Marquez

33. Adler Cromer

34. Trey Jones

35. Brad Maple

Mchael Mogollon Mexico 2019 Rob Dolecki 0029
Rq Podium Mexico 2019 Rob Dolecki 0026

Regional Qualifier Final Results

1. Michael Mogollon

2. Parker Heath

3. Jayden Mucha

4. Tomas Fuentes

5. Chase Pauza

6. Felipe Manerim

7. Jose Cedano

8. Juan Sebastian Vaca Martinez

9. Andres Gatica

10. Brad Maple

11. Ivan Galdames

12. Daniel Giraldo

13. Adler Cromer

14. Jay Dalton

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2019 Vans Pro Cup Mexico City Peraza Park Preview

Fresh concrete skatepark with some fresh wood features - More Info

Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Mexico City Schedule

Mexico Schedule
Skatepark Metro Puebla 2

Friday, August 16
Men’s Regional Qualifiers (Open Registration)
Best Whip jam

Saturday, August 17
Men’s Semi-Finals – Tour Invites and Top 10 Regional Advancers Only
Men’s Best Whip jam

Sunday, August 18
Women’s Prelims, Semi-Final, Finals (Open Registration)
Women’s Best Whip Jam
Men’s Finals + Best Trick

Athlete Registration:

2019 Vans Pro Cup Mexico Flyer

"The Vans BMX Pro Cup series nears the final countdown to the World Championships as the world’s best BMX riders head to Mexico City for the penultimate competition before the Vans Pro Cup World Championships in Huntingtinton Beach in September.
Once again highlighting yet another brand new tour stop for the series, the Vans BMX Pro Cup will be hosted by the vibrant community of Mexico City, Mexico at the Skatepark Metro Puebla 2. Located in the sports and culture district of town, the final qualifier for the Vans BMX Pro Cup Tour will showcase top-ranking names of the season including consistent podium vererans Sergio Layos and Teresa Azcoaga from Spain, Jason Watts and Perris Benegas (winners of the Germany event), and of course, Larry Edgar, 2018 defending world champ, who has prevailed in the series following a bumpy start this past April.
Recently transformed and upgraded for the Vans Pro Cup Series, the Skatepark Metro Puebla 2 is well-known for its different quarterpipe features, concrete bowls, different heights and box jump spots. As part of the renovation, the park will also see new elements integrated throughout the course, built by Vans and with influence from global team rider Jason Watts, the new park offers competitors a huge opportunity to get even more creative and establish unique lines." -Vans

2019 Mx Vans Pro Cup Young 001

MEN’S DIVISION – Top Rankings Advancing from Germany Event

1. Jason Watts AUS
2. Sergio Layos ESP
3. Larry Edgar USA
4. Corey Walsh CAN
5. Dennis Earson USA
6. Matty Cranmer USA
7. Kevin Paraza USA
8. Alex Hiam AUS
9. Jose Torres Gil ARG
10. Josh Dove AUS
11. Boyd Hilder AUS
12. Sem Kok NLD
13. Rim Nakamura JPN
14. Chris James AUS

WOMEN’S DIVISION – Top Rankings Advancing from Germany Event

1. Perris Benegas USA
2. Macarena Perez CHL
3. Teresa Azcoaga ESP
4. Natalya Diehm AUS
5. Angie Marino USA
6. Jennifer Wohlrab GER
7. Lotta Gruber GER

Vans BMX Pro Cup 2019 Current Overall Series Rankings

2019 Vans Pro Cup Rankings Mx 1
2019 Vans Pro Cup Rankings Mx 2

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2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series - Mexico Teaser

Get Ready! - More Info

2019 Vans Proc Cup Overview


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