Jwatts Carbondale Lookback
1 Aug 2019

GIVE IT HELL! Fast & Loose in Colorado

Deep and steep, straight up the guts...

Words and Photos by Matt Cordova

When the topic of big bowls and amazing skateparks get brought up, there’s a few different places that stick out. Colorado is definitely one of them. Knowing what is tucked away behind the Rocky Mountains I knew that we needed to do a trip there. Corey Walsh drove his rig down from Vancouver, while Kris Fox, Cody Pollard, and Jason Watts (above) flew in from California.

Deep and steep, straight up the guts, it was time to give it hell…

Jwatts Boulder Ds

Being the first session of many at the Boulder park, Jason stretches out with a big dark side.

Crew Creek 2

Local watering hole.

Crew Hang 2

“Oi I got a beer on this go.” 

Kfox Co Springs Lookback

High speed into one of the best quarter to punk walls out there, Kris Fox destroyed this Co Springs setup all day.


Lafeyette Pool Coping 1
Lafeyette Pool Coping 3
Lafeyette Pool Coping 2

Lafeyette Pool ruts.

Cwalsh Fal

Corey Walsh, tried and true.

Crew Grass

How most of the days began. 

Crew Mess Grass


Crew Hang 1

Corey taking film duty very seriously, while Cody clocks in.

Cpollard Arvada Turndown

Cody cranking a big turndown on the party wave in Lafayette. 

Crew Walmart

When all the campgrounds are full, you urban camp in a Walmart parking lot with a coffee shop in close sight.

Kfox Co Springs Watch

Kris keeping a watchful eye as Corey and Jason tag team a clip.

Cwalsh Co Springs Table

Corey makes simple things on hard obstacles, look way too easy. Big table on a crazy pool elbow.


Cwalsh Hammock 2

When the blood sugar gets low, you can find Corey catching some Z’s in his hammock.

Crew Fresh Water

Can never pass up a fresh spring water tap.

Cpollard Rox Ds

The screaming eagle Cody was up to his normal shralping at the Roxborough park.

Kfox Lafayette Of Ds

Kris Fox crushing it during golden hour in a deep and gnarly pool.

Cpollard Co Springs Table

Cody Pollard mixing things up in the atmosphere with this massive table. Immediately after getting this clip, tornado warnings flared up and we got out of town. 


Cwalsh Rox Whip

DIG's 2018 Rider Of The Year and the photo that almost made the cover of DIG issue 99.9.

Cpollard Carbondale Turndown

Cody Pollard in paradise.

Cwalsh Hotel Beers

It wouldn’t be a Fast and Loose trip, without a vehicle issue. Corey’s rig broke down outside Vegas, in Primm, Nevada. There’s worse places to spend the night at. So the boys took full advantage of the situation.

Jwatts Rox Of Ds

Round deep ends, rock and roll blaring, Jason Watts in his element.


Fal Fam

La Familia.


16 Nov 2017