2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 03
12 Dec 2018

"I enjoy filming a lot more, it’s a better vibe." Catching Up With Pat Casey

Renegade parenting and under-ramp chicken coops...

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Interview and photos by Rob Dolecki, with additional questions by Leigh Ramsdell.

Mongoose’s transition slayer, Olympic wild child and young family man Pat Casey has been busy in 2018. Aside from a hectic travel schedule going to various comps that cover all ends of the riding spectrum around the globe, Pat’s been focused on raising his two kids without worrying about conforming to traditional U.S. society’s parenting guidelines. He’s also taken to multi-purposing his awesome backyard ramp setup as shelter for his ever-growing flock of chickens. We caught up with Pat and got some insight into parenting, potentially becoming a pool shredder on local turf, and how he feels when his son Reid will beat him in a comp.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 01

This is Pat's way of shaking off some heavy jet lag. Pillar foot jam at The Shred Skatepark in Cape Town.

So what’s new with you?

Just been hanging out with my family, chilling. Built a chicken coop under the ramp earlier in the year. One of my neighbors was getting rid of their chickens, and we eat a lot of eggs, so might as well.

Starting Casey Farms?

(Laughter) Not really. We have kids, and they like them as well.

Speaking of the ramp, any recent changes done, or maintenance needed?

It’s been about five years since I built it, and had to replace one side of the flat bottom. Other than that, it’s been dialed.

Any good sessions there recently?

Larry Edgar and Jacob Bailey came over. Other than that I haven’t been home, or just chilling.

Who are the local dudes you usually ride with there?

Larry comes over every once in a while, like once a week, and Jacob Bailey comes over almost every day. Brad Nichols is out at Woodward East right now, but when he’s home he’ll ride with me a lot. TJ Ellis sometimes, when he’s not hurt.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 05

BBQs and cannonballs on blast in SA.

"My kids are experiencing what I do. It’s sweet."

-Pat Casey

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 06

Weekends are for chillin' with the homies.

Do you get out and about anywhere else for riding when you’re home?

At times I do, but lately I’ve been traveling so much, I’ll just stay home, especially because of the kids. I’ll stay home while my wife goes to work. Reid is three and a half, and Tatum is two.

You had Reid when you were 21; how have you dealt with balancing traveling, riding and being a parent?

There’s other people that depend on you to take care of them, but my wife has been great helping out, taking care of the kids. It‘s been good motivation, because I’m doing something for someone I love, in a way. I also am getting to live my life with my kids, instead of living my life, then, “Hey kids, this is what I used to do.” My kids are experiencing what I do. It’s sweet.

I remember after the Vans Pro Cup in Guadalajara last year, Reid was riding the bowl a little bit.

I bowl like that is sweet for him to ride, and in an environment where it doesn’t matter; you can just go.

Has your family gone to any other events?

I try to bring them to the closer ones. My mom is really supportive as well to watch the kids, so I can bring my wife to some events like Japan, and South Africa last year. Flying with everyone is super hard; they don’t like to sit very long.

Gary Young brought his whole family to South Africa this year, though his kids are a bit older.

I’d love to do that when they are older.

Reid’s been riding a bit?

Yeah, he rides like every day. He rides the ramps, and is sponsored by some company from Japan that makes mini electric bikes. He loves them.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 09

Hop bar on one of the sketchiest walkway bridges in all of Africa.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 04

Is "steeze" still used these days? If it hasn't been worn out yet, it resoundingly applies to Pat and his overly dipped t-bog 3s.

"If they’re gonna do it, do it with confidence. That’s all it is."

-Pat Casey

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 08

540 double-whip to fakie over a spine? Pat checking another wild one off his list at Ultimate X.

Wow, he’s already getting hooked up at age three. Are you worried at all the Reid will start beating you at contests anytime soon?

(Laughs) I would be super psyched if he did. If it was the situation where I was riding as long as someone like Nyquist, it’s completely possible. I look forward that; it would be sweet.

Has being a parent changed your outlook on things, both in and outside of bike riding?

Yeah, I try to guide them and keep them protected; other than that, go ahead, do it. One day they will be by themselves, so might as well try to make them the strongest they can by themselves instead of helping them their whole life, and altering them.

In the U.S., these days it almost seems like there are quite a few parents who have overprotective tendencies, especially compared to some other countries.

I posted some stuff in Instagram, and my mother-in-law said I shouldn’t because it almost looks like child endangerment in a way. I understand, but it’s literally my kid Reid doing what he does. I’m letting them do it. If they’re gonna do it, do it with confidence. That’s all it is.

What do you prefer – contests, or filming like a video part?

Probably filming. Contests are cool, but you are going all out at once, then you’re waiting around a little but, then it’s, “Go, now!” Filming is working towards something; it’s a good prize at the end. I enjoy filming a lot more, it’s a better vibe.

How did you like the changes with the Mongoose Jam from a series of contests to filming a video?

I like it. The contest was cool, because it was three contests and then you were done after that. The film contest is cool too, because you have to be a little more creative, and you can use the entire time at camp and everyone has a really sick video. Everyone helps judge the contest; it’s more fair.

You’ve been in a variety of contests the last few years; what’s been some of your favorites?

I like the more chill ones. Like Ultimate X or Night Harvest- being in Africa; just being in different places in the world. Jam format, just ride and do your best. Not that I don’t care about results, but you had a good time. No stress, no pressure.

How is it juggling all the other home responsibilities during a hectic travel schedule?

When I leave, and then there is so much shit I have to do here, like weeding- it gets out of hand. When I’m home only a short amount of time I end up getting all that done quicker. I might be getting a pool eventually, because we’ve been wanting that a few years now. Might film a video in the pool. (Laughter)

Going to make sure it has a good transition?

I’d like to. So if I drain it, it will be ride-able.

Thanks Pat.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 07

Nothing like a nighttime session at Night Harvest Jam (hence the name) in Cape Town, South Africa, and then getting on the podium for Best Trick just to spray everyone with champagne and not get wet yourself.

2018 Casey Interview Sa Rd 02

No chickens in sight; Cape Town views.

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