What the Riders Said - DIG HOUSE NYC

"We definitely need more of these cross-brand trips in BMX" - Joris Coulomb

3 Feb 2020

Dig House Nyc Crew 23

Photos & intro by Wes McGrath

It always starts with an idea…

Each time we begin our day, there is an end goal in mind. Whether or not it’s in the forefront of our thoughts, the subconscious continues to steer the ship towards the ultimate passions and pursuits ahead. When this is distilled down into the context of BMX, you must look at the people involved: as bike riders we are geared to the direction of progress and to hold a mindset of consistency within ourselves… This is key to the evolution of the personal goals that inadvertently connect us to a community that reaches all around the world. After years of riding, traveling, and photographing I have begun to notice different patterns within the fabric of riders that make up our world.

Street riders and street riding continue to remain the core essence of BMX. From the roots to the fruits, street holds us down and is today’s cornerstone of that progressive and consistent mindset. When I first had the idea to create a trip encompassing this fabric I admire so, I began to converse with friends about the possibilities of changing the structure of your typical team trip. The main goal was to bring together a select group of riders, each from a different company, to accentuate their individualities through riding. In doing this, we could create a new crew and a new energy that could really work towards everyone’s advantage.

In the end, what is it all worth? Besides the friends, clips, photos, bodegas, spots, girls, spliffs and… the list goes on, it all boils down to the experience. And what is more important than life experience? BMX gives us a special pathway to the people who inspire us, to the places we admire, and to continue this lifestyle in any way we choose.

Bike riding is freedom, and remember: This is ours! - Wes McGrath

Joris Coulomb

Dig House Nyc Joris Coulomb 7

First of all, I’d like to say I am honored to have been a part of it! Thanks to Wes (McGrath) and DIG for putting in the effort to create cool content. Shout out to Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy for helping me get out there—much love. The best part on this trip, besides the fact that we were in NYC at such an epic time, was that it involved some of my favorite riders/friends from different teams—people I don’t get to go on trips with usually. We definitely need more of these cross-brand trips in BMX. Other than that, we managed to dodge the brick-cold weather for the most part and I feel like some good stuff went down. We had a lot of fun! #teamdig - JORIS


Mark Burnett

Dig House Nyc Mark Burnett 3

Admittedly, I have been having a hard time as of late but the DIGhouseNYC project has grown in me some hope that I hadn’t felt in a while. My attitude hasn’t been what it should be and concurrently it has driven a wedge between the two things I love: my riding and my friends.

Initially, Wes posted a description expressing his excitement about the trip and I didn’t really get it. Of course it was going to be great, but what “long-lasting vision” was he talking about? But, then it clicked. He was excited about finally getting riders away from their strict regimen of team-based trips and—one of the first times since Props—was putting together the crew that he wanted to see (regardless of brand affiliation). Until I cratered my left hand, this trip saw some of the heartiest laughs and best times I’ve had all year. I left feeling honored and longing for more. The most sincerest thanks and appreciation for picking me, Wesley. And thank you—Ronnie, Ryan, and Will—for the opportunity. - MARK


Denim Cox

Dig House Nyc Denim Cox 20

NYC is a whole different animal than I am used to. Every time we pedaled more than five minutes away from the house, I’d be completely lost; everything kinda looks the same! There are spots everywhere, but in the three short days I was on the trip, I was unable to find anything screaming my name. The food was amazing and everyone I met was real as fuck. I love New York; the city is fuckin’ badass, man. - DENIM



Dig House Nyc Miki Fleck 2

My DIG HOUSE memories from NYC:

• We stayed at a beautiful AirBNB in Brooklyn. The entrance was full of bikes—as usual in a BMX house.

• There was such a good vibe between all of us.

• Every day we were out on the streets for a short pedal or maybe we’d hop on the metro. After that, you already know that with these guys, everything is going to be a spot.

•Between bodega stops and coffee, we were out there searching for and filming stuff with Ben (Norris). At every spot everyone would figure out in their mind which clip was going to be his. There were eighteen eyes looking for spots, so something always appeared.

• Sometimes, while one person was filming, you would start jibbing to stay warm and—without noticing it—suddenly you were getting a clip.

• It was impressive seeing everyone killing it in their own way and with their own imagination.

• Night would come and the cold with it. Tired from the day, we would go home with a couple of drinks. Once there, fire pound and chilling with the homies.

• By the end, our bodies were beat up, but getting clips still happened. It was super cold, but the crew had the energy for going out into the streets and getting into crazy situations (like a shooting in one of the worst neighborhoods of NY).

The trip was amazing. Thank you, DIGBMX. - MIKI


Reed Stark

Dig House Nyc Reed Stark 2

Bon fire bon, Kendama, “roll up foo,” bodega sesh, and don’t forget to wear at least five layers of clothing…That’s how I would describe DighouseNYC/Dig Fools. This New York safari was one for the ages. Being able to ride around a city that you’re not accustomed to with a group of friends from all around the world that you never get to ride with is nothing less than an absolute treat. I’ve ran into each member of this crew all around the world many times before, but all of us are never in the same place, at the same time, with the same mission. The energy you get from a situation like this is astounding and Wes at DIG knew this hand-selected crew would all feel it. The only thing that was missing at the end of the trip was more time together. There was a unified and undeniable feeling that we needed more time together. I have no doubt in my mind that this concept will blossom into a mixed team trip series that BMX desperately needs. Shout out Austin Augie for throwing a jam that brought us all to NYC in the first place, DIG BMX, BSD, and all the other sponsors that helped get the riders to the Big Apple. Big love. Big vibes. Peak shit. Ciao. - REED


Hobie Doan

Dig House Nyc Hobie Doan 11

NYC, for me, was a blessing. Being able to stay in a house full of dudes whose riding you are psyched on, whose personalities you click with, and who you don’t get to see often due to other obligations was awesome. The trip was just about meeting new people, riding bikes, and having fun—which is why we all ride in the first place. I am so thankful to have been a part of a fun project like this one. - HOBIE


Brandon Begin

Dig House Nyc Brandon Begin 11

This was probably the coldest riding trip of my life, lol. Besides having to wear five layers and build campfires while we waited for people to get their clips, it was an amazing time. There's nothing else that compares to New York City; no matter what time of the year you end up there, you can rest assured that you’ll get into some crazy shit. Being there with your best friends, who you never usually get to travel with, made it all that much better. I can’t thank Dig enough for rounding us all up for this trip and I cant fucking wait for the next one! - BEGIN


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