Felix Tight Wall Copy
26 May 2016

WTP - Oui Le People Tour Photo Journal

Jordan Godwin, Felix Prangenberg, Ed Zunda and Mike Curley


Words and photos by Fooman Additional 'Snapshots Gallery' by Felix Prangenberg

"After some back and forth I was pleased to be asked to join a WTP X Frenchys trip across France and detouring through Switzerland, dubbed the "Oui Le People Tour". Being part of the Wethepeople team already and experiencing trips with the crew before I knew this was going to be a pretty wild trip. Wethepeople know how to party - I know that much! A lot of time was spent driving from place to place, unpacking and repacking from hotel to hotel, most of the time with a notice from reception saying we were not welcome back any time soon. I wasn’t too sure on the whole plan behind the trip other than a few shop stops would be made along the way. Regardless of any plans, a sick crew, some more drinking games to add to the list and a nice handful of bangers thrown in the mix this was a trip I wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon! I joined the trip a few days late as the crew started in Lyon, upon my arrival I was shown some hefty shit I had missed… Godwin! We've saved some of the heaviest stuff until we release the upcoming video project WTP been working on. Stay tuned to DIG for more on that soon!" - Fooman

Zundaflairefishstreet Copy

Street transition, with a street guy, perfect time for me to heckle Ed on for a “street flair”. This again was at the play park spot, as you may have gathered we spent quite a while there. After shooting this I had to rescue my flash from a swarm of bees that were just behind me in this shot. Im not sure what set them off but they were not very happy, I thought my flash was going to be claimed.

Mike Down Table Copy

I think originally this was a “ shoot this for insta” photo, but after reviewing it and liking it more and more we kept it back! This ramp wasn’t the greatest to get any pop out of either. Un intentional graffiti and shirt colour match.

Felix Breakfast Copy

Felix - Breakfast fast.

Mike Portrait Trees 2 Copy

Mike Curley appeasing photographic requests.

Mike Whip Big Wheel Copy

Mike and myself had once shot a hop whip in front of a big wheel when he came and visited me in Torquay before. We saw this whilst pedaling back to our hotel one evening and it had all its lights on, the one in Torquay only had a few lights on so the end result was lacking. Not bad for a pedal back to the hotel lobby.

Felix Tooth Copy

Another chilled one for Felix. I always enjoy shooting stuff like this, simple and no hassle for either party so you can get everything dialed in just the way you want to. Speaking of party… I think this was the night the police were called on us and the hotel had to give out free breakfast to other people staying at the hotel.

"I think this was the night the police were called on us and the hotel had to give out free breakfast to other people staying there."
- Fooman
Ed Chillin

The perfect way to start the morning after a “quiet night” in! The hotel we had in Marseille was insane! Situated above a Mc donalds — everyone was stoked on this! And right on the harbor with super nice views from our rooms. We spent the morning getting coffeed and baguetted up along the waters edge! Ed taking in the morning views!

Mike Stretching Copy

Getting old?

Felix Pegs Whip Shop Stop Copy

Bmx Avenue, 100% a shop to stop at if you get the chance. This is my second time here and both times i've been parting ways with my money on hats I don’t need! Was cool to see as many people turn out to ride a flat bar in the road. Felix pegs whip no problem!

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Theo Ledge Ride Rail Hop F Copy

Theo Zannettacci taking the quick way down.

Zunda Biiish Mode Copy

This spot... Ed Zunda with that kersnap!

"I still can’t get over how good this spot was."
- Fooman
Jordan 180 Barriieeessssss Copy

Again this was at the crazy abandoned park area — tight wall ride that Felix did. Jordan threw this 180 bar at the end of a line on one of the hottest day of the trip. I still can’t get over how good this spot was.

Zunda Cab Bar Copy

Zunda - Half cab bars.

Empty Name 3 Copy

“Can we shoot something for instagram” Im pretty sure anyone who rides a BMX will say this at some point. On arrival to Switzerland we were greeted with a pretty heavy down pour of rain. Lucky for us we were taken to a cool ghetto park that was under a motorway fly over, providing us with shelter and somewhere to Drink/Ride. Ed already gave me the flair, which is often requested from me then was locking these nose presses in real good.

Felix Tbog Flatbank Copy

Felix Prangenberg - Tbog.

Felix Prangenberg 'Oui Le People' Snapshots

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