WeThePeople - LIT

Over 20 minutes of footage from the whole crew

7 Dec 2015

Video by Wethepeople

Here we go! Wethepeople just dropped this sweet 20+ minute mixtape featuring clips from Dan Foley, Jordan Godwin, Mike Curley, Dan Foley, and way more. And don't worry, Max Gaertig fucking kills it in this!

"The months that follow summer in Europe are always a struggle to get clips, you always feel like you are fighting off the winter and everyday of sunshine could be your last. We set about filming for LIT early October and the mission was kind of simple: Every rider had 2 months to film what they could and then send the final clips to me to edit towards the end of November. Injuries hit a few of the guys, the weather crept up sooner on some but everyone came through with some great footage. When I sat down and threw the clips together I realised this was going to be a 20 + minute thing and immediately started to stress about where to even start with the editing. Mix tapes are just what they say on the label, a mix of clips from all over thrown into the pot. If there’s one thing I’m hyped on it’s the fact that we as a brand have an awesome squad both in Europe and across the globe and this video represented the crew just perfect in my opinion. It also made the slow winding down process that winter brings a little bit more creative. Thanks to every rider who contributed clips and every filmer who stuck it out in the cold to contribute." - WTP